What are the best applications for detecting earthquakes or tremors in real time?

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In today's article we will talk about What are the best applications for detecting earthquakes or tremors in real time? Many times being prepared for disaster reduces the losses we have , but this becomes almost impossible when it comes to an earthquake. These natural events are caused by sudden movements, which occur in the mantle and crust.

I terremoti they do not give a signal that we can identify with the naked eye , then they are detected with a seismograph and an accelerometer. These two machines are not commonly used in a home, but likewise we need a solution to know when we should expect an earthquake or not. There are several tips on what to do in the middle of an earthquake, seemingly useless because we don't have time to think and do what we are taught .

For this we will talk about the best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors. These applications can be of great help if you live in an area that has constant seismic activity , giving you a warning that will make a difference in an event such as an earthquake. Below we will mention and explain some of the most important applications.

The best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors

Thanks to advances in technology, we have more and more tools at our disposal, which help us with various areas of the physical world, one of them is the detection of earthquakes or tremors. These applications aim to provide great help in some areas where the demand for this application is high, there are a variety of applications with the same function.

With the extension of the Internet, you may pause for a while to find an ideal application , but for this we will show you some of the best applications to detect earthquakes or tremors, making it easy to find an application that better covers the functions we want.

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Earthquake detector

The first application we will talk about is the one available both on Android devices and for Apple users. This application provides us with the information provided by national and international seismic networks . Information from these networks may be provided by some users, which improves the captured detections.

Red Cross earthquake

Another of the applications we have for detecting earthquakes in real time is the Red Cross Earthquake, which warns in the event of an earthquake, identifying the refuge closest to the red cross and communicating with the family of those who installed it. As the name implies, this application is provided by the red cross, helping to reduce the risks in the event of an earthquake.


The last application we will talk about is This application provides seismic activity across the planet , giving a warning if activity intensifies in the area we live in. You can also find it in the App Store.

What to do in case of an earthquake?

As we know some of the best applications to detect an earthquake in real time, we need to know how to take advantage of the alerts we receive , because it is useless if we do not know what time an earthquake will make.

As simple as some of the recommendations we will give below are, it can make a difference at the time of the earthquake, reducing the risk to which we may be exposed and increasing the chances of survival in less fortunate situations. Knowing this, we will see some tips to follow when in an earthquake:

  • The first thing we need to do is stay calm at all times , in this way we can think about our movements, without doing it instinctively, which is more likely to be wrong.
  • Locate and take refuge in fixed areas of the structure in which we find ourselves , such as columns or door frames.
  • If we want to communicate with our relatives during an earthquake, it is best to send text messages, since the telephone lines would be full of calls that would collapse . One alternative we could use is virtual numbers, which don't collapse that fast
  • Finally, we must avoid windows, elevators and being close to objects that could fall on us because of the earthquake.
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