What are the best applications for root users on Android mobiles?

Being a root user has both advantages and disadvantages. In this article we will focus on the former and show you what are the best applications for root users su Android phones. Of course, if you're not sure, make sure your Android mobile is rooted first.

      The best cleaning apps for root users

      • Titanium backup . This app uninstalls those annoying default apps. It is also useful for creating or managing backups easily.
      • Smart BoosterApp . Deep clean your RAM with just one click. Don't forget to make a backup beforehand. Also, with the Smart Booster app, you can clean the cache and Micro SD memory.
      • System app removal . Get rid of applications that come by default on your mobile but that you don't use.
      • SD Maid . Optimize and speed up your device by cleaning and managing files.

      The best applications to retrieve important information

      • Free Wi-Fi password recovery app . Recover the passwords of a Wi-Fi network that you have forgotten. It allows you to make a backup.
      • Dumpster or rubbish bin. With this app you will recover deleted files. Once installed, it performs the basic function of a recycle bin. So whenever you delete a file you can get it back easily.
      • rash. It is an application that will help you automate the process of creating backup copies of system partitions.

      Optimize your Android's battery usage

      To achieve this, download the programs that you will discover below:

      • Greenificare . Puts applications into hibernation mode and prevents them from running in the background, reducing battery consumption.
      • Amplify battery extension. The goal of this app is to increase battery life up to 250%. It is responsible for administering wakelocks to avoid draining the battery.

      If this aspect is what worries you, you should learn how to save battery on your Android mobile phone manually.

      Special applications for root users

      • GestureControl. This is an app for root users where the device is controlled using pre-set patterns (as if it were an iPhone)
      • Magisco . Grant or remove root permissions without the need to change the terminal partition system.

      • Flashes . It gives you extensive experience installing root so you can flash any file you have in your terminal.
      • SuperSU . It is the best app to check and manage the root permissions of applications that require this type of access.

      Applications to get information about your device and manage the root

      Android offers you an endless range of apps that you don't want to miss for any reason. Check out other shows you'll love:

      • Easy DIP Change or pixel density. It is a program that will give you the measurement of the pixels per inch reflected on the screen of your device. What is it for? you may ask. If you are a video game lover, you will already know that there are those who are very picky with the resolution. Well, with this app, you can adjust the screen and play games smoothly.
      • RootExplorer . This is a file browser for Android devices with administrator privileges. It is best for opening and editing files with limited access.
      • Macrodroid . A whole world of new possibilities opens up that you can use on your Android terminal. With Macrodroid you can create programmed actions according to your needs. For example, turn on the flashlight just by shaking the phone or hang up a call just by changing the position of the device.

      • Viper4Android. Check the audio of the Android. It comes with various settings, an equalizer and a wide variety of sound effects.
      • Data synchronization . Sync app data with your other Android devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cloud services.
      • FolderMount (Root) . It allows you to explore and move the data of the applications you have installed to your external memory (Micro SD), which gives you more free storage space.

      We could write endless articles about the best apps for Android root users currently available, but time just won't make it. For now, we encourage you to try all of these apps and get the most out of rooting. And, if you're not a root user yet, we also teach you how to root any Android phone or tablet.

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