What are the best apps for controlling depression, stress, and reducing or fighting anxiety?

Mental health is finally gaining the prominence it deserves. Your well-being should be a priority for everyone and it is essential to know how to contribute.

In this sense, there are a number of applications that will help you control certain things. Do you want to know which of the best apps to control depression, stress or anxiety? So don't break away from this article.

Mental health in times of a pandemic

As noted above, mental health has regained importance in recent years . There is still a long way to go, however, there is a great campaign for it. Previously, suffering from stress, depression or anxiety was considered a trivial matter.

In fact, many have come (and continue) to consider this kind of situation to be just an exaggeration. Fortunately, things are changing and today it is treated with greater seriousness and professionalism .

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the plight of many. Being in practically compulsory confinement, levels of anxiety, stress and depression appear more frequently.

Many of the people who felt they did not suffer from this type of ailment also suffered from it. And the worst part is that they didn't know how to handle it . Many cases are associated with the dangers that exist in social networks.

Contributory technology

Faced with all this mental situation and the limitations to leave the house, it was not possible to go to a doctor. At least not until the relevant biosecurity measures have been defined. In this sense, technology has made a great contribution. An example of this are apps for controlling depression, stress or anxiety.

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Not only is it possible to carry out medical consultations via video call, but the platforms have been designed to treat these conditions . Many people simply decide to walk away and turn off device notifications. However, it is sometimes not as effective.

What are the best apps for controlling depression, stress, and reducing or fighting anxiety?

The world has definitely changed. Tackling the new "normal" hasn't been easy for many. Those who have been used to the hustle and bustle of the streets now face the challenges of working from home. Something that should have been easier.

Before knowing the best apps to control depression, stress or fight anxiety, you need to identify the problem . Is it something home? Personal or work? Sentimental? You have to discard any possibility. All of these states can also be caused by addiction to social networks. Therefore, the first step is to know the "why" of your stress, depression or anxiety .

Now, if you can't identify it, you're going to need a little professional help. Something these applications can offer you. So, here you have a number of alternatives to choose the best one.

Meyo - calms anxiety and stress

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, Meyo looks set to be one of the most important. Meyo has truly trained AI to detect your condition.

It is also in able to offer you the reasons why you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression . In addition, it has games, challenges and videos that will help you in an incredible way.

Sanvello: anxiety and depression

Treat your levels, anxiety, stress or depression through cognitive behavioral therapy. However, it also offers interesting mindful meditation options. Sanvello keeps track also of the your state of mind .

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Like Meyo, it offers daily challenges that contribute to your mental stability. Sanvello is available for free and includes exclusive features for its Premium version.

TherapyChat: your online psychologist and coach

Do you want them to listen to your problems and feel someone else's support? TherapyChat is the ideal platform for this. This application puts at your disposal a good number of psychologists who offer their services online.

Time to take care of your mental health!

If you are looking to put your cell phone aside, there are 20 stress reduction sites that could help you. There are many applications, however, these 3 are, without a doubt, the best options .

Make the most of these apps or recommend them to friends or family who are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. You could make a great contribution.

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