What are the best apps for cuddling and knowing what cats like to eat?

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Cats and dogs are man's best friends par excellence, although there are those who prefer holm oak cats to dogs. If this is the case for you, you will surely want to know what are the best applications to pamper them and feed them their favorite foods; In any case, the ideal is to download all the Apps directly from the official page of the Play Store.

Likewise, these apps are ideal for learning everything there is to know about cats, their diet or the cuddles these pets love the most. So don't waste any more time and read on to see what the best application is download the one that best suits you and your pet .

The best applications to meet characters like your cat

Although in the Play Store there are infinite Apps that allow you to know or determine as many values ​​as the applications to take care of the health of your heart . This will let you know everything you need from your pet, then I will mention which are the Apps that stand out the most among the others.

Meowth speaks

This is a well known application that is used to interpret what your cat says or thinks. Yes, even if it may seem strange, the App created by an engineer translates the meows of cats and expresses them in the language of humans; The most innovative thing is that in base to the tone of the meow, the application can know what the feline wants .

It should be noted that the application is very useful, because you will be able to know all the emotions of your cat; And also if you will not be able to have a structured conversation like the ones Garfield shows in his films, you will have the opportunity to understand what your pet wants and feels. Some of the messages you may hear while using the application are as follows.

  • I am tired
  • I am here
  • Mami
  • I love you
  • I'm scared
  • I am shocked
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How to take care of your cat

This application is a tool that helps you to quickly and easily learn how to take care of a feline. Furthermore with this App you can understand the basics about behavior of cats, as well as knowing which food is best for them and what to do in case they get sick.

Likewise, you can find tips that will allow you to educate your pet in case it is the first time he has a feline specimen. Since they behave very differently from dogs, because cats are freer and they won't completely depend on you.

This way you won't have to search for applications to find dog walkers, since cats tend to go out alone or are simply so lazy that they prefer to sleep all day at home.

11 Pets

The 11 pets app is one multifunctional tool suitable for the optimal care of your pet , be it a dog or a cat. Being a very complete platform that plans and organizes the activities that need to be followed to take care of it.

To use it, you need to create a profile of the animal and schedule all its requirements; the dates of visits to the veterinarian or the placement of vaccines. Furthermore, this App is free and has compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems.

On the other hand, the tool is so sure that the information of everything about your pet will be in the cloud; allowing family members to know all the needs of the cat, in general you will see that has about 50 functions that will complement the care of your pet.

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Finally, it is worth remembering that if you want to be completely calm about the care and protection of your cat, it is important that in addition to the application of care and feeding; you should have one of the best pet GPS trackers in case your cat gets lost.

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