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Having a dog is a very big responsibility. Some compare it to having a small child and it is no exception since the dog owner must be aware of buy his food, wash him, deworm him and take him for a walk.

Man's best friend demands care that perhaps, due to time problems, not all owners can give. However, you shouldn't feel completely guilty about this, since you aren't a bad owner because you don't have the time you want.

To make things easier for dog owners, countless have emerged applications that get professional walkers, in so that you can leave your dog in the care of a person who will take care of taking him for a walk and when you get home, you can see your happy pet dog.

These apps are becoming extremely popular as they provide timeless help for dog owners and in turn financial aid for walkers.

Among the most important and popular applications we find DoogyGo . Undoubtedly the best alternative to get a dog sitter for your dog, however, in the following article we will mention some apps to find dog sitters.


    It is available for all Android devices. It is completely free and it is very light. After downloading it, you will need to allow the application to access the GPS to recognize your location.

    This app works similar to Uber and the Glovo app, but with dog sitters, where it shows users closest to you.

    DoggyGo offers you the option to register as a pet owner or as a pet sitter. If you own a pet you can get all walkers available closer to you.

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    Register as a walker

    If, on the other hand, you are a walker, you will be able to see all registered pet owners who will be able to request your service. Caregivers will have a profile in which their data will appear , including your profile photo, name, phone number and a description about it.

    You also have the option to select a search range that will show you all available users according to the established parameters. Each pet owner sets the price they will pay for the care of your pet. If the walker is interested, he will have to give the opportunity to contact.

    Finally, contacting an owner will open a chat in which they can agree to go for a walk with the dog. Once finished, the owner will be able to rate the tour and will also be added to your history as a walker.

    Register as a pet owner

    When you create a user as a pet owner, you will also have a profile that you can edit by adding a photo , a contact number and a description.

    As an owner, you can create a service so that adjacent walkers can offer to take care of your pet. To do this, you must select the option request a ride and fill in the necessary data (Address, travel time and hourly price).


    Another great alternative to DoggyGo available for Android and iOS. Connects walkers and owners and becomes the best companion for when owners have to go on long journeys.

    You can have your home completely clean and your pet very happy. You can look at the profile of the walker and be with the one that convinces you the most. It is also possible to request short walks, lasting a few hours, for example.

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    This application is a lot similar to the previous two. You can find people who are willing to walk your dog, feed him, and even take care of him at home for a few days in case you have to go on a long journey.

    This app offers profiles, both of owners and very thorough caregivers , where you can see the profile photo, location and a section of opinions and ratings of other users.

    Walk with the dog

    This app is free and is used to monitor the walks you take with your dog. In it you can monitor the number of walks with your dog , the distance, the routes taken and you can even mark the places where your dog breaks free.

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