What are the best apps to delete duplicate photos on Android or iPhone?

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There are a large number of applications that can help you get rid of all of those foto duplicate annoying and undesirable that nobody wants to have on their device, as they do nothing but damage the performance of the operating system and take up valuable space that you could use for other things.

In this article we will explain what these duplicate photos are and what they are disadvantages that they cause to a phone.

What are duplicate photos?

Duplicate photos are photos identical which are repeated a few times and take up space in the storage memory of a mobile device.

Applications to delete duplicate photos

Smart cleaner

It is software available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices. This can be found in the App Store and the Google Play Store. In addition to providing the function to delete duplicate images, it will also allow you to delete all the files that you don't want to have on your device.

Photo Gemini

It is a free application that works as a duplicate photo finder. This application is only available for Apple devices and you will find it in the App Store.

The Gemini Photo application was born as a program for Mac computer, but thanks to its success they decided to turn this program into an application, thus allowing Apple users who own iPhones and iPads to download it to their devices to get rid of all duplicate photos.

The App provides its users with tools that select the best photos and they ask you if you want to keep them in your gallery. Also, group blurry photos, screenshots and text images and delete. If you wish, it will also allow you to delete an entire photo album.

Remove duplicate photos

It is an application available in the Google store »Google Play«. It is completely dedicated to finding and deleting all duplicate images and videos on your devices.

Remo duplicate photo remover

It is an application that, by downloading it, will help you to get rid of of all duplicated photos from your iPhone or Android phone.

This wonderful App simplifies the complex task of identifying and deleting duplicate images in a mobile library. With few steps you can get rid of it very quickly.

Google files

It is an application of free assistance available for Android. This app takes care of carrying out an analysis process that will identify and delete, if you wish, all duplicate files on your mobile. In addition, the application will allow you to make a backup of your data helping you to free up space to optimize the performance of your mobile operating system.

Duplicate remover, this application allows you to remove similar audio, images and videos with just one clip. The app is only available on Google Play and only works for mobile devices running Android.


What are the best apps to delete duplicate photos?

Certainly Remo Duplicate Photos Remover is one of the best applications to delete duplicate photos, as this app is available for mobile devices with iOS and Android operating systems.

Another great app, although only available for iOS devices, is Gemini Picture, works flawlessly on all Apple devices and offers great tools that make the removal process quick AND easy.

Google Files is also one of the best apps for removing duplicate photos. This app is only available for devices with Android operating system.

We decided to add Google Files   to the list of the best applications, as it offers quite useful secondary functions to all its users.

How and why do duplicate photos exist?

Sometimes when taking a picture it is possible to repeat many times the procedure and capture multiple images of the same to later select the best photo or simply because you make the mistake of pressing the button several times to take a photo.


Disadvantages of having duplicate photos on your mobile

Having duplicate photos on a mobile device can be a bad thing, since impairs performance of the mobile operating system and tends to take up space, which you may need at another time to download applications or store images, videos or audio.

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