What are the best extensions for Twitch? Leave your viewers amazed

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There is no doubt that entering the world of video games can be a very rewarding experience. But where you can share your games and show your skills to millions of followers around the world is so much better.

But it is possible that your games will be more exciting and visually appealing to your audience and that is why we will show you what are the best extensions for Twitch? Leave your viewers amazed.

Is that if you didn't know until now, you can very easily add some assets, known as extensions, to your broadcast screen. In this way, you will increase the quality of your channel and attract the attention of your followers. Because we can always improve our channel as well as improve Twitch stream chat.

To do this adding extensions to our channel, we need to log into our Twitch account and we'll go to the bottom. Where we will find the Extensions Manager option and then you will see a large catalog of all the extensions you can go against and we will tell you in this article which are the best.

What are the best extensions for Twitch? Leave your viewers amazed

While you can choose all of these extensions and they will automatically be on your channel, it is important that you know that you may need to use a login on external platforms. Or some kind of permission or license, so it will be important that once you have chosen the extension, you take some time to configure it and thus avoid future problems.

Next we will name those, which in our opinion are the most important extensions you should have on your channel. And so you can offer all your followers the best experience and you can be recommended and thus allow your community to grow. As you already know, the more followers you have, the better to monetize your Twitch streams.

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The best extensions for Twitch

We have to advise Streamlabs , as it is undoubtedly the most complete extension you should have on your channel. You will find everything in it and it will allow your followers to subscribe to the channel or to follow it. But it will also allow something very important and that is that they can earn points by watching live broadcasts.

But it is not only limited to this, it will also be possible to carry out sweepstakes, hand out prizes, play mini games and even request songs. It's actually a very comprehensive extension since you can entertain all your followers and at the same time rewards them for their loyalty by constantly joining your channel.

Another extension that we highly recommend having on our channel is the relative one the inclusion of social networks . It is very important that followers find links that lead them to our networks such as Instagram or Twitter. In this way we can grow our community with new followers, who will be informed about future events.

If you are a stream and use background music in yours live reproductions to entertain your audience and it's very common to see the song name question in chat. Then you can avoid this kind of question via chat, it is with the extension named Spotify recently played and with it the name of the song currently playing will be displayed on the screen.

Another very interesting extension is the one that can show you the statistics of specific games and our level in them. And it is that this is a gaming platform and it is the most logical, that if every title of a game will have an extension. For example for League of Legends you will have the extension Mobalytics.gg , but for games like Fortnite, Destiny will have the Tracker Network extension.

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And here we are with this little roundup of the best extensions in our opinion that shouldn't be missing on your Twitch channel. Of course there are others, very good ones, but we believe this will be the way they will help you attract more followers to your channel. And so we have explained to you what are the best extensions for Twitch? Leave your viewers amazed

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