What are the best few known Chrome alternative browsers?


Internet browsers are programs that allow us to connect to the Internet quickly and securely. One of the most popular you can find is Chrome since its tools are very practical and its interface is very convenient.

However, this is not the only one available, the truth is that there are many web browsers you can use. There are little-known options that turn out to be very good as they allow you to do things that you wouldn't be able to do with other browsers.

Do you want to know which are the little known browsers? Knowing this information can be very helpful and who knows, you might even switch browsers. So pay close attention to this article where we will show you the best little known web browsers.

Which web browsers should i use?

The most normal thing today is to use Chrome for anything we want to search the internet and that's fine for most cases. But what if for some reason this program crashes or gets canceled? having a second browser is very useful.

There are also great Chrome-like options that can help you with instruments which they have integrated. We will analyze these browsers so that you can choose which one to use that best suits your needs.


First on the list is the Opera browser, this one program it is very good as it allows us to search very quickly.

In its pc version it has tools that you won't find in other search engines, thanks to its being based on Chromium you can use Chrome extensions. You can also add applications to the sidebar such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others so that you can access them more easily.

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For this and many other reasons, it has gained fame among users, so using Opera on your PC is a good option. If you want to define this browser on your computer, in the following article we will show you how to update the Opera browser to the latest version.


This is the default search engine of Windows 10 whereby Microsoft stood by betting heavily to enter this market. If you have this operating system you must already have this program installed so it's a big window.

Edge is a great web browser and has nothing to envy to others like Chrome but it has a weakness. This browser does not accept extensions and it has very few forms of customization so it's a point to consider if yes

this matters a lot.

The good news is that as of January 2020 you can upgrade to a Chromium-based version that accepts extensions. Find out how to update Microsoft Edge browser to the latest version. This makes it a great option for all Windows 10 users who are considering having a second browser.


We offer you this great option to be your default browser, Vivaldi a Chromium-based browser is good and easy to use. Among the tools this program offers you are those that you can use any extension from the Chrome Store.

In addition, its visual section is very well worked, for example this browser is that it acquires the color of the page you have opened. Its creators they always keep their system up to date, so it is very unlikely that you will have any errors while using.

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Thanks to its visual section and to provide you with all the extensions you can have in Chrome, this browser has become a great option.

Epic Privacy Browser

This option is the most recommended for all those users who need a browser with maximum security as it does not collect data. Epic Privacy Browser guarantees you the best protection for your privacy thanks to its Proxy that prevents our IP from connecting during searches.

The only but of this browser is that it is a bit slower than the others due to its security system. But otherwise, this browser is very useful if you need a secure connection for your PC, so we encourage you to give it a try.

Are these all options?

And with this option we finish, we come to the end of the article, the world of Internet browsers is very large. We've brought you just a few options out of all that exist for your browser, but if you investigate more you're sure to find more options. The following link brings you more information on this topic, we invite you to click on the article What is the best Internet browser in 2020, it will surely let you know more about the most popular browsers.

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