What are the best free drawing apps on the iPhone or iPad?

Learn what they are the best applications for drawing on iPhone or iPad it can be very useful for learning to draw or just for fun. Something simpler than using the Adobe Photoshop toolbar.

And it is that today smart devices such as tablets or mobile phones have become a fundamental part of people.

In general, one of the functions that users make of these devices is to use them for make drawings and other things. Obviously not at the level of creating a graphic project with a bitmap effect, because this is not the case.

But for get the most out of the drawing function, you need to use the best apps for this task.

That is why I will show you which are the best applications for drawing on the iPad or your iPhone through this section.

    Painting app on iOS

    In the following list that I leave you below, you will be able to find which are the best applications to draw for your device with the iOS operating system. If it is possible to create or draw concentric circles in PowerPoint, then of course you can draw anything other than drawing with some other tool.

    Ti I leave also a small review next to the name of the application, in so that you can download for free and use the one that best suits your tastes.

    Sketch line

    Linea Sketch finds a good balance. It's a relatively simple drawing app, with four drawing tips (each offering three dimensions) and an eraser.

    But Linea Sketch also gives you access to five layers in which to draw or import photos. It also includes a selection tool so you can cut, copy, duplicate, among other functions.

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    Assembly - Art and Design

    In Assembly, an image is created from the shapes. Choose from hundreds of built-in shapes and stickers or purchase additional packages.

    Quickly rotate, resize or align each element. Select one or more shapes to move forward or backward from the others.


    The Concepts vector drawing app tries to serve everyone from the casual designer to the product design professional.

    With a distinctive circle of controls in the corner of the screen, you have quick access to brushes, layers, and precision alignment aids.

    The free version includes access to 16 brushes and 5 layers , while a one-time purchase of Essentials lets you create custom brushes, add infinite layers, and more.

    Adobe Cool

    Offers a smooth drawing experience. With the help of the long-awaited live brushes, you can merge media so natural in a way that outshines the competitors.

    This allows you to adapt to a variety of drawing styles, including cartoon illustrations, inking, and even chalk and paint.

    Fresco has no text or animation options, so it's a bit short in some areas.

    But for subscribers Creative Cloud (Creative Cloud) is a fun addition that prevents them from constantly switching between applications.

    Rating (Rating)

    Apple's Notes application arrives installed on all iPads. As a result, the Notes application is often the first application people open when they want to draw.

    For a quick nape-style doodle, the basic tips for pencil, pen and highlighter work well.

    Almost anyone who draws professionally or desires it, I recommend that you look for other applications that offer additional options.

    Comic drawing by Plasq

    Comic Draw gives you everything you need to create a comic on your iPad, with all the editing features available with a single purchase.

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    Write a script, design your pages, draw panel graphics, add ink and color, then add fonts to complete the task.

    You can then print or export your work or share it with the app Comic Connect per iPad . In addition, there is a version of the app for educators for use in a school setting.

    Draw via an app

    Undoubtedly, many people may be wondering why they should draw on an application and not on a sheet.

    The truth is that drawing through an application gives you more comfort, since you don't have to depend on paper, pencil or paint.

    You have the ability to take the device anywhere so you can draw when and where do you want.

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