What are the best high quality 4K video players for Windows PC?

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If you are a lover of a good video, here you can find the best 4K players for Windows PC. Currently this is something important, because there is nothing more inconvenient than watching a video, movie or series in bad resolution.

4K technology is rapidly taking over, there are many video clips and movies which we currently see in this resolution. In addition, it has been integrated into several televisions, camcorders, cell phones and computers.

The best 4K players for Windows PC

Before looking for the best 4K players for Windows, you should make sure that your computer really has 4K compatibility, if not, none of the options will work for you, even if you have one of the Windows OS versions. recently updated.

Let's start with VLC Media Player, this program has the support 4K, 5K and HD ed that is why it is one of the most recognized options by users. It is compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems, which makes it quite versatile.

Plus, this program is totally free and super easy to install. On the other hand, one important thing you should know is that it's compatible also with 8K content, in addition to 360 ° images and network contents. In turn, easily recording audio with VLC on PC is another of its best features.

Now you can also find Potplayer among the best players 4K for Windows, a Unlike the previous option, this program is only compatible with Windows.


One of its virtues is that you can buy it for free as well enjoy any content in 4K. In addition, it has support for 3D video playback and with various types of 3D glasses. It is one of the best VLC media player alternatives.

It also offers the user the ability to take screenshots of the videos that are being played and has excellent support for subtitles. And if that's not enough, it allows you to create play queues, which means you can load entire series and have them play automatically.

A wide variety of options to enjoy your 4K videos

Another well-known player is Free Smith Media Player, a player that as a first advantage you may find that it consumes very few resources on your PC, so if you have a less powerful computer this is the ideal option for you.

It smoothly plays 4K content, plus it offers users excellent subtitle support. He is a fairly straightforward player which has made him a favorite of many.

Now, Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player is one of the strongest candidates when it comes to the best 4K players for Windows. It offers its users support for Blu-Ray discs and besides that it allows to play video formats in MP3, MKV, FLV, WMV, MPEG.

It also offers a wide variety of configuration options with which the user can adjust playback effects or select an audio track if that's what they want. This program is recognized because it ensures you the highest quality in image and audio resolution.

There is nothing better than the classic

Now let's talk about the one known to many Media Player Classic. This player is compatible with Windows only and is designed to play almost any video format.

This has been the most used by many, because it is quite lightweight, offers a fairly intuitive and easy-to-use interface, and is also completely free.


It's open source software, and that's why which allows its users to easily customize their player. Among its many advantages, you can also find that it takes up very little space on your PC.

Also, if you wish, you can install a very simple and practical toolbar. Furthermore, this player is fully compatible with each of the Windows versions. That's why if you are looking for something simple and good, this is the best player for you.

This player may already come pre-installed on your computer, so you just need to give it the touch you want and start enjoying your 4K videos smoothly.

Finally, we tell you that all of the above options are really good and profitable. But before downloading any options, make sure of the capacity of your computer

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