What are the best investment fund managers to invest in gold?

If you want to start investing in precious metals so that your money will appreciate at the end of the year, then you've come to the right place. Next we will show you the three best investment fund managers to invest in gold that currently exist in the financial economy.

What are the best investment fund managers to invest in gold?

The best mutual fund traders to invest in gold

Next we will tell you in detail about the best investment fund traders to invest in gold . We simply recommend that you read the description of each fund carefully so that you understand which one is best for you.

Investors of the Igneo Horseback Fund

In case you don't know, Team of Investors from Fiery Fund it is the second of the gold funds that have generated the most profits so far this year. They have a net worth that exceeds $ 500 million with daily liquidity and also has a conservative profile when it comes to investing. This means that it focuses on investing in anti-crisis and anti-bubble assets.

Specifically, his strategy is based on placing money in gold , US government bonds and in the purchase of financial insurance (against possible falls) in risky assets such as: stock market, credit, emerging markets or commodities.

In fact, the spokespersons of this fund say that the pandemic has exposed the fragility of the system which in turn has forced Central and Government Banks to accelerate a paradigm shift that seeks to transform bubbles into inflation.

Ninety One Global Strategy Fund

The fund does its best to increase the value of your long-term investment . They also have a habit of investing in the shares of the best companies in the world that focus on the exploitation of gold and even devote a third of their assets to shares of companies that are also dedicated to the exploitation of other metals and minerals.

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On the other hand, the Ninety One Global Strategy Fund fa echo to financial contracts in order to better manage the portfolio, as in this way it can efficiently manage the risks and expenses included during the management of the fund as such. That is part of the responsibilities in an organization.

Regarding profitability, we must point out that this fund has managed to increase profitability by more than 10% so far this year and if we look at the profitability accumulated over the last ten years, the figure is -13,34%.

BGF - World Gold Fund

This fund has more than 30 years of history, since it was founded in the 90s, and normally allocates the majority of the capital to the shares of the gold producers . However, it is not limited only to gold, as it generates income through other metals, such as silver and platinum.

No doubt this fund has had a great year since was appreciated by almost 50% for those users who have decided to invest in dollars. It also significantly outperforms other equity markets that have been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

His behavior throughout the year also proved to have the ability offer different sources of profitability in periods of time when the market is unstable and therefore uncertainty reigns when investing in the financial market.

On the other hand, the World Gold Fund is able to offer a higher beta than the physical gold price, which itself is appreciated over 30% in the first half of the year .

Currently, the portfolio of this fund is consisting of at least 40 positions , with 10 companies accounting for more than half of the annual allocation. In this case, management is concerned about applying a quality bias when adding new companies with an above-average balance.

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