What are the best iOS and Android apps to sing in tune?

Through music we can express very deep feelings and emotions, since the beginning of our times it has served as a way to connect people. Talent is a very important factor when it comes to singing.

The melody that some songs can be sung with can be a bit complex and difficult to understand. If we are amateurs or want to perfect our voice when we sing, we can do it through singing schools where we are taught tones and correct vocalization that you must have.

On the other hand, with the advent of technology, there have been ways we can hone ours talent when it comes to singing . All this in a very practical way without having to go to expensive music schools.

This technique is basically about applications or programs which have been developed for this purpose. For this reason, the best options will be mentioned below.

What are the best iOS and Android apps to sing in tune?

Platforms offering operating systems such as iOS or Android have seen an opportunity in this area. They have developed specialized applications in the music industry in order to provide the best service to their users.

These music applications are created for several specific areas, we can find from music games to applications that help us perfect our voice. This is the case with applications for singing in tune.

With these we can improve our vocalization , Besides find the appropriate tones to tune. These applications are developed to perform specific tasks, it is very important to know how to choose which one is the most suitable for us.

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I devices iOS and Android they allow us to download tons of applications from their iTunes and Play Stores. It is very important to know what are the best applications for singing in tune that we can download on our devices.

The best iOS and Android app alternatives for singing in tune

This article will focus on selecting the best pitching singing apps available for iOS and Android devices. It is always important to point out that it is best to investigate what each application offers and choose the ones that offer us the best options.

AutoRap in Smule

This is a very famous application that offers very versatile tools when it comes to working with our voice. With we can edit and change your voice in various styles, among which the rap mode with which we can apply the Auto-Tune to our voice stands out.

This application can be downloaded from the official iOS and Android stores to be able to use it whenever we want. It also allows us to share our creations through the most famous social networks.

StarMaker - Sing Karaoke

It is currently one of the most used platforms, with over 50 million users interacting every day. Offers a wide variety of tracks with different rhythms, where we can record our voices and then easily edit them.

It has very advanced voice editing tools, with which we can apply great effects to our voices. StarMake is available for iOS and Android platforms, we can download it from their official stores.

Musixmatch Music Player Lyrics

An excellent application that has had millions of active users since its launch, we can download it from iTunes and Play Store. This application ci It allows share our songs with the main music platforms.

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One of the most notable features of this application is the ability to translate entire songs while we listen to them. In addition to tuning our voice, we can learn languages ​​in the most practical way.


Without a doubt it is one of the best applications we can find for sharpen our voice , the best of all is that we can do it in real time . We can find it available on iTunes and Play Store.

Through a number of settings we can configuration very easily, the application finds the appropriate tones for our voice according to the rhythm with which we are singing. We can also share our creations through different social networks.

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