What are the best launchers to customize my android phone?

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Android apps What are the best launchers to customize my Android phone?

26 Maggio 2020

Among the most notable features of smartphones with the Android operating system, there is the possibility of customize them according to the owner's preferences , which differentiates them from the devices of other systems.

From the device tools to the app store, you can find tons of ways to adapt your smartphone the way you want . Do you want to know one of the most used tools? Here you will find it.

What is a launcher?

Each Smartphone manufacturer has its own interface or launcher to give it a aspect that characterizes it or differentiates it from the rest . Sure, it varies a bit more in the world of Android devices than it does on iOS.

It should be noted that each device maintains an interface different in based on the company that makes the device: Samsung keeps a different look than a Xiaomi, which, at the same time, is different from Google devices, something totally different from iPhone equipment.

A launcher, therefore, is a tool that allows you to personalize the appearance of the interface of your smartphone: the presentation of widgets, wallpapers, application menus, clock, among other options.

Launcher su Google Play

Regardless of the manufacturer of your device, as long as it has the Android operating system, you will have the option to make changes to your phone's launcher and replace it with another manufacturer's or with interfaces designed by third parties.

To do this, you will have to resort to the different applications found in the Play Store. However, there are a lot of them and it's hard to pick just one, so to help you pick a good lesson for any launcher, you'll have the best of the application store here.

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Nova Launcher

Its numbers are impressive: 4,6 rating and over fifty million to position it as one of the best applications to customize the look of your mobile device.

However, its performance is far more impressive than its numbers. It may seem like a simple and basic tool at first, but when you explore all the tools it offers, you will realize the true potential it hides: change the font size, its colors, night mode, app drawer and many functions. Moreover .

Smart Launcher 5

Another one that retains humble features but powerful enough to make a difference and earn a spot among the best in the entire app store Android.

This is characterized by the sharpness in its operation , practically does not have

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