What are the best plugins and add-ons to install in Outlook?

Today we will see what are the best plugins and add-ons to install in Outlook . There are many extensions to install that add very cool features to Microsoft's email.

What are the best plugins and add-ons to install in Outlook?

We have already taught you how to change the background in Outlook, delete all messages and many other things. Today we're going to look at all the tools you can add when you need them to make your job easier when checking your email.

There are many add-ons per Outlook which add very useful and interesting functions. We have compiled a small list of the add-ons that we liked the most and that we believe are essential for the vast majority of users.

The best add-ins for Outlook


With Trello you can create ticket descriptions, add due dates, create various cards , etc. Simply put, you can read and edit any type of content in your messages in an easy way to create different elements.

Another big advantage is the ability to have access to important data of the people who send you emails. To improve your safety and the way you work.

Evernote (one of the best plug-in add-ons for Outlook)

With Evernote, you can save any messages you think are important. Imagine for a moment that you receive a large number of emails every day, how can you save the really important ones ? To not get lost in the many emails, the ideal is to use Evernote.

You can organize them to quickly find the email you are looking for without browsing all the emails you have in yours inbox . At the same time, you will also be able to write down different ideas to save it, create tasks to leave pending, etc. It's a simple tool for organizing and saving time.

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It is an excellent and well-known application, so if you are interested in learning more, remember that you can visit the official Evernote website at any time.


The gifs can not be missing, it is a way to express yourself in a natural way. We can use them without any problems in our emails simply by installing the plugin Giphy . You can search for any type of Gif you need when sending an email. The recipient will be able to view it without having installed the extension.

The best Outlook plugins


While it's a paid plugin, we can't deny the huge potential that Maps for Outlook ha to improve your experience and that of your customers when sending an email. From being able to send addresses accompanied by a graphic guide thanks to this complement to being able to read other maps of other users.


In case you think it is necessary, you can use a huge amount of emojis in your messages . Depending on what you use your email for, this tool can be too useful as it allows us to have quick and immediate access to an infinity of quite varied and funny emoticons.

Officework - Mail Responder

In short, it is an extension that automatically replies to emails you receive . This way you can save time and give an impression of professionalism. At the same time you will be able to participate in all the emails that are sent to you immediately without having to do anything.

Of course, you can customize the response that will be sent to you. It's perfect for e-mails from companies or small SMEs.

Sleep as an Droid

In short, it's an add-on that comes used to create a list of tasks to complete . If you have a lot of things to do during the day and want to stay 100% organized, Wunderlist is a plugin you must have installed.

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This tool is used for completely empty your inbox . But it doesn't stop there, since you can configure the tool to receive emails only when you want. Something that can help save time.

In addition to everything that has been shown before, it is convenient for you to know how to insert moving emojis in Outlook to further personalize your emails on this platform.

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