What are the best plugins to edit and layout pages in WordPress?

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When it comes to putting together a blog that can be monetized, there are several platforms for building it, but the most recognized is WordPress. More than 57% of domains belong to this server, so it matters know the best plugins to edit and layout pages in WordPress.

While this is true, the tool is characterized by being easy to administer. However, for some users (especially non-technical people), creating posts and pages using the WordPress dashboard can be very complicated.

WordPress has a wide variety of tools or plugins that can help you do multiple tasks, such as a plugin to put a hit counter on your website.

    Are there several options for beginners?

    But don't despair, there are many plugins WordPress front-end available on the Web for beginners . These offer much more accessible and less technical build variables for posting content without touching the WordPress backend.

    These are the best plugins to edit and layout pages in WordPress. Another option you also have to layout a web page is Divi. Plugins are characterized by being responsible for controlling the domain, so the best supports can be the following:


    Il WPBakery support, better known as Visual Composer, is probably one of the most popular plugins for WordPress tools. For just $ 45, users can add this powerful plugin to their website.

    It features offering several blogging themes, including the Total WordPress theme. It consists of building forms with visual elements of additional and personified pages.

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    Switch between the background editor and the background editor in Visual Composer is easy : just click to change grid layout, add rows and columns. Then drag the content elements onto the page, rearranging them as needed. All elements also have multiple options and variations to customize the look and feel of your page.

    What are its key features?

    • Over 45 drag-and-drop content items. Furthermore, has more than 150 third party plugins available for users.
    • The interface is designed so that anyone can handle it, especially those who are new to programming. It has more than 60 pre-built designs.

    Elementor, a free support

    If you are looking for a profitable, yet free option, Elementor is your best option . It has a reputation for being one of the best WordPress page editing and layout plugins due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

    In addition, it comes loaded with elements that are useful for creating content, such as columns, headings, images, spaces or lists. It also has other key features that you may want to add to your posts. Pre-built templates are also part of the offer, so they can be of great help for developers.

    With this plugin you can also insert privacy policy and legal notes on your website.

    What are its key features?

    • It has more than 23 free building blocks , being one of the best on the market. In addition, it has +24 more professional building blocks.
    • The preformatted templates are easy to use for any website, providing ready and reliable translations from specialized language search engines.

    MotoPress content editor, free support

    The free content editor for WordPress , MotoPress offers the ability to create websites visually by simply dragging and dropping items onto the web. Currently, more than 10.000 sites use this additional support.

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    Clearly, it is one of the few tools that has two versions, being the free one and the Premium one. It can only be used by digital media in its embryonic process.

    What are its key features?

    • It is designed with more than 30 drag and drop content elements. Its interface is very simple, so the procedures are provided in an intuitive way.
    • It offers real-time previews of the changes made, so all add-ons can be modified according to consumer needs.

    Once your website is ready, we recommend that you also check the SEO positioning plugin that WordPress offers you to be able to locate your page in the Google browser and get more visits.

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