What are the best Uber apps or alternatives for cheap taxi services?

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Uber is one of the most important private transport-focused companies in the world, is located in a large number of countries in each of the continents, thus achieving rapid and efficient globalization by offering and providing its respective users with everything. instruments , services, options and help when you need a ride.

Undoubtedly this company has collected in the last few years a huge success , presenting an indispensable help for all those people who need a fast, safe and economical means of transport at any time of the day.

The advantages that Uber and the private transport company in general give us are greater than urban taxis, therefore these companies have become popular .

Uber is there in a large number of cities around the world , so the only thing we will need to enjoy the services offered by this company is a mobile device with an Android or iOS system, in which you can download the official app of this means of transport and from there you will have all the options and tools to book and order your trips.

Although in the same way as Uber, there are also several companies focused on this area that could present us with services and options that are the same or even better than this acclaimed private company. In case you want to travel with another transport company that might be easier to use or might just be cheaper, this article will help you.

Next we will give one brief review of the best alternatives in companies or transport companies such as Uber and that they can offer us. Without further ado, stay with us and find out all the details, information and data relating to these companies, as well as the applications they offer us in order to enjoy all their respective services and options.

    Best Uber-like Driver Service Apps

    As we said before, in addition to Uber, there are a large number of private companies focused on providing all types of transportation to their respective users. Some of these become as gigantic as Uber in terms of services and awards, although on the other hand there are also much smaller companies. but no less interesting for this.

    With that clarified, we'll tell you about a few options to choose from when you have need any kind of transportation or ride, so that this way you have several alternatives to choose from if for some reason you don't want to use Uber services anymore.

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    This is undoubtedly one of the strongest proposals in the case of transport companies. DiDi is another good alternative in case you don't want to use Uber. It is a transport company originally from China. It has managed to expand to several countries around the world and also has a large portfolio of services and tools that is in no way inferior to Uber.

    DiDi presents an extensive list of countries where it is present, among those we can mention Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Peru, Costa Rica and other countries and cities where we can get this amazing transport company.

    Many people find that this application has functions that place it ahead of Uber in the transportation market. Well, among the most important is its ability to monitor the activity of each of its drivers in real time. This is an advantage, as it makes it easier for people to access the service based on their current location. This way, a vehicle can pick up a customer much faster.

    In the same way, the continuous monitoring during the transport service . Well, the company records each of the routes that the driver takes to reach his destination. Of course, it also takes into account the user information that is transferred.

    All of this is progress that promotes the safety that exists between drivers and users. This way, you can provide better service with more security. Regardless of the driver, the your record is always saved in the application , for each necessary case.

    This app has also worked as a means of promoting entrepreneurship of many people within this sector, mainly in Latin American countries. Where your market grows every year.

    Furthermore, today there are millions and millions of drivers using this application with 4 million daily races, every day the expansion that this company has achieved is greater than others that also offer the service.

    Likewise, among its main advantages, has Didi Food deliveries contactless and even if it comes to travel, it has cleaning materials. Likewise, another of its advantages is that it also has financial support in various places such as clubs or restaurants.

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    It is a private platform focused on providing all types of transport to its users , works via an app and is present in more than 10 countries. In some terms, Cabify is much smaller than Uber and DiDi but its options, tools and services are of high quality, considered so by all the people who have managed to use this application.

    However, it cannot live up to the ones mentioned above. But if you notice the continuous growth that this company presents . Not only in terms of territorial expansion; but in terms of the quality of the service it offers, taking into account the opinions and needs of users in order to offer a better service.

    In addition, they become responsible enough for the user's safety, it is part of their services to ensure safety with sanitation, localized travel for further information to your relatives about where you are e it also has extensive customer service.

    The entire platform is moved by means of technological advances in order to connect users and companies that present the need for transport, simply having the purpose of this application on their phones, you can contact the Cabify company to get their service.


    Like previous companies, also offers international transport service , this application also has a fair number of users, around 80 million users and is currently present in 33 countries.

    To access its services it is necessary to fill in the information relating to the trip and the budget to be paid and if you have personal needs if you have a child and want to enable a child seat or route changes. Even if you are a customer in your inDriver application, it will show you some information such as the car that will make the trip, the driver data for the set time of the trip. All this to ensure greater safety for users.

    The curious and different thing about this application is that the negotiations between the customer and the driver are carried out in real time , costs and conditions are increased between them, and then the service is started. This encourages the growth of customer-user relationships; so you can have your trusted driver on hand for any transfer situation. But it has the disadvantage of setting its rates at a market price driven by competition among the drivers themselves.

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    This means that during times when the flow of customers is low, the prices are equally low. Leading to losses in their drivers. But a advantage of users with the best rate.


    Today there are many ways to get around but for greater safety users prefer to opt for these private transport companies like Yaxi. This application is available on Android and iOS phones.

    It has an aesthetically appealing design that gives you the ability to register and then grant permissions to be able to locate you via the map in case the time comes when you need a taxi. Also, when you make a request, it also asks you to enter the address of where you are going .

    All of this includes some of the factors that drive increased security in the service. Therefore, more confidence is generated when requesting a taxi.

    Likewise, you have to fill in some requirements which are the phone number, the email in order to be able to send you a code and verify the information. Then you can proceed with adding your payment method and at the end of the whole process, get your taxi service through Yaxi.


    What the Beat app does is make it easier for people who need to get around somehow to get them to do so within the city they are in. That is to say, in this way they facilitate users through an interconnection what they are requesting. Unlike other applications, this one offers its services at a lower cost and that it can also be canceled with various digital payment methods.

    Its functionality is simple, only licensed drivers receive one request sent by passengers requesting the service . It should be noted that in that request they send, it already carries the relevant data which are name, location, direction of travel, among more data for greater reliability.


    It is a private transport company with official headquarters in Brazil. EasyTaxi is present in almost all of South America and partly from Latin America. From the app of this platform you will have the possibility to get a fast and safe transport.

    Despite being a smaller company than the ones mentioned above, it has a good recognition and fame by users thanks to its high quality service.

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