What are the differences between 3D touch and tactile touch?

Apple has clear from the start what its goal is, to improve the lives of all the inhabitants of the world. That's why they always add features in their technology, like 3D Touch was. But if it doesn't meet expectations, they get better (Haptic Touch). Discover the differenze tra Touch e Haptic Touch and why the former died.

Previously, there was the question of how to easily enable Force or 3D Touch on my Android mobile, for users of this system. But over time, the question may already have been forgotten.

Both are good technologies that bring and have brought happiness and comfort to the users of the block, but how could it be otherwise, the two could not be together at the same time. Because the era of the technology yes moves non-stop, today is the time to update.

    What is 3D Touch? A death that didn't hurt so much

    It is very simple, it is a technology that allows track packs and touch screens to feel the different levels of force applied to the mobile or device, for which it uses pressure sensors.

    This was one of the most notable inventions of the apple company a few years ago, but today it is dead and has been replaced by the big sister, the best quality Haptic Touch after the launch of the iPhone 11.

    Haptic Touch was already available on the iPhone XR, but it has been implemented as such in the iPhone 11, as after this, no version will have 3D Touch. An important point within the differences between iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

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    Differences between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch the future beats the past

    First, Haptic Touch is superior in part because it uses a different system, uses the device software , while the younger brother uses the hardware.

    Haptic uses a tactical phone engine, the function of which is that when you leave your finger pressed, you will feel a vibration and different menus and shortcuts will appear, it will allow you to preview shortcuts and many other functions within the interface of some applications.

    Haptic reactions are used that control these functions. This function is available for respectively iOS 12 e 13 and on new iPhone models released in the future.

    Hence the importance of always being aware of the versions of Apple's iOS mobile operating system, especially the most recent ones.


    The differences between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch, is the how they work, as it was called before, 3D Touch used specific hardware designed for it (sensors with different pressure levels), Haptic doesn't have that.

    These pressure levels made it possible to activate various functions, such as the " Peek ", which got the preview of the content, since this was also the" Pop ", each at a different level of pressure.

    Haptic only has one level of pressure, but all these options are also available in it, and even more, namely that the big differences between 3D Touch and Haptic Touch, is that Haptic Touch managed to sum up everything that was 3D , And also because it doesn't need to censors, it is much cheaper to produce.

    Some advantages

    The Haptic will be available in all the same places as 3D and will have all its features, what better advantage than this? It makes everything better and easier

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    Some of its functions are: removing apps, activating the trackpad, quick reply to messages, previewing emails, activating the camera from the lock screen (you can also activate the flash from here), previewing links from the browser safari , among the others.

    Technology always surpasses itself, obviously thanks to the work of man. 3D isn't or wasn't a bad idea, and we'll likely see a more refined version of its sensors in the future.

    But whenever you can move forward, progress is being made and the differences vital tra 3D Touch e Haptic Touch hanno ended up burying one of Apple's most innovative ideas, at least for now.

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