What are the different types of organizational change models in companies? (Example)

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In case you were wondering , what are the different types of organizational change models in companies? Please read the following information carefully. In turn, we recommend that you consider the importance of sales management to your business.

What are the different types of organizational change models in companies?

What are the different types of organizational change models in companies?

Below are some of the most famous models of organizational change. Surely there are many, but you could start by knowing the ones we show you below.

Kurt Lewin model

This model was devised by the psychologist Kurt and is based on three phases. The first phase, called defrosting phase , try to remove all those practices outside of what you intend to change. At this stage it is essential that all the people involved are available to make the change.

The second phase, called the phase of change , is how its name indicates the beginning of organizational changes. This is where you need to start educating employees and other staff to embrace new ways of working. At this point, all the objectives relating to the new organizational change in the company are established.

The third and final stage refers to the refreezing, in this phase, contradictory as it may seem, the old practices try to integrate again. Obviously this is always done in relation to the new modalities. The aim is to create a balance between old and new, making change easier.

On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to know the 5 steps to successful negotiation, something every entrepreneur should know.

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Greiner model

Il Greiner model has four different factors that need to be taken into consideration. The first thing to consider is the age of the company, this is done with the aim of analyzing how certain ideas can be rooted among the workers.

On the other hand, it is also necessary to analyze the size of the organization , that is, the number of people working, total products or sales, and other factors. The purpose of this is to analyze some factors in which practices become habits.

Another aspect of analysis are the so-called evolutionary stages , which respond to times of change in the company. By analyzing circumstances such as crises and moments of balance, we can see the general response of the company and arrive at an energetic analysis.

Finally, we come to the conclusion about what the growth rate of the company , which refers to how quickly the organization shows significant changes. This model seeks to analyze the company in depth to direct organizational changes.

The above is similar to the 360 ​​degree evaluation method, another aspect that every business owner should consider for their organization.

Changes to achieve organizational transformation

Having known the previous models, it is necessary to take into account some factors that they tend to change when making a organizational change . Please read the following information carefully.

Structure changes

It refers to the changes that a company presents, that is its structure, we could say that it is precisely there organizational structure . These changes usually represent changes in the hierarchy and other similar factors.

Certainly, changes in the structure are essential for the smooth running of a company. Not using or employing such modifications would involve the possibility of stagnation, which is not recommended.

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Staff changes

Personnel changes are often necessary to achieve a significant organizational change. This is where decisions like i are made manager changes or company leaders. However, this type of action also involves employee changes on a general level.

Of course, it is one of the more complicated changes for get a different organization . Even so, on many occasions, if a transformation is needed, these aspects will need to be taken into account.

Cultural changes

Certainly, cultural changes are needed over time, understanding that our society is constantly evolving. That said, on many occasions changes need to be made in terms of the general vision and objectives of the company.

In turn, this type of change also refers to the acquisition or use of new technologies or methodologies. Essential aspects and bases of the organizational structure of a company.

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