What are the disadvantages and advantages of psychometric tests in recruiting?

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Personnel recruiting for a company is a comprehensive process in which many aspects of each candidate must be considered. For this, psychometric tests are often used. But do you know the advantages and disadvantages of psychometric tests in recruiting new staff?

During the process of recruiting staff for a company, it is necessary measure the skills and aptitudes of each candidate , since knowing the skills of the staff is essential for the success of the company. It is in these cases that psychometric tests for recruitment become very relevant.

What are the disadvantages and advantages of psychometric tests in recruiting?

What are psychometric tests?

Some companies use still there curriculum review and interviews as a recruiting method. However, there are not a few organizations that add psychometric tests to this process, which allow to know some characteristics of the candidates relevant to the development of the company.

These types of tests are extremely psychological tests useful to know the interests , the attitudes and personal values ​​of candidates applying for a job in our company. It can also be a tool that influences the human resource management of the company.

A very positive aspect of these tests is that the results obtained are quantifiable . Therefore, it is very easy to know which candidate is best suited for the position you want in the company. These results are obtained in the form of a statistical graph and to interpret it we have to compare it with a model.

On many occasions, job applicants may fear this type of test, but this is due to their ignorance. Something that might help you if that's the case for you do some psychometric tests beforehand to know what you will have to face.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of psychometric tests for recruiting employees?

In this section we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages that psychometric tests can offer when recruiting people for a job. Keep in mind that for results to be accurate, the test must be administered appropriately.

Benefits of applying psychometric tests to recruit

  • The results obtained will put in highlights important details of the candidate that will have to be taken into consideration to know whether or not they are suitable for the job they wish to obtain. It should be remembered that, after all, human resource development in a company is essential to its success.
  • They reveal aspects of the candidate who would be very difficult to assess just by reading their resume , or even during a traditional job interview.
  • During job interviews, a candidate may falsely answer questions, trying to please the interviewer. With psychometric tests, we can forget about this bias and filter i candidates so fairer .
  • If they are used to filter candidates along with their resumes, this could result in less time wasted in interviews that will do nothing for the organization.

Disadvantages of psychometric tests

  • Psychometric tests are generally long and very boring to perform . Because of this, many times job applicants don't pay the attention they are supposed to in order to respond quickly and be able to continue with the recruiting process.
  • If not done correctly, the results may be difficult to interpret . The recruiter may end up confused and therefore not choose the best person for the position. In many cases, in fact, a person is needed who is solely responsible for evaluating the results, which could lead to an extra expense for the company.
  • Some tests they are not explained in the most adequate way , so the candidate does not understand what is required. As a result, a candidate who turns out to actually have great potential for the position they are applying for may lose their score.
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We hope that with the information contained in this article you can evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of psychometric tests in recruiting. Remember that the decision to apply them or not can change the basis of your company's organizational structure, so we recommend that you analyze it well.

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