What are the main differences between "teleconferencing" and "videoconferencing"?

What are the differences between conference calling and video conferencing?

There are many tools we have today to keep in touch with the world. And it is that we can not only have fun with our loved ones for a while with the help of these, but also use them for work, study and such important tasks. But how can we get it?

Well, a great option is to do video conferencing and teleconferencing for share our views and pass on information with the others. Many of us have been using the Zoom video calling app or others like it lately, but below we will show you the features of video conferencing and teleconferencing so that you can get even more out of these media.

What is a conference call?

First of all, it's worth knowing what a teleconference is, which is the lesser-known term of the two raised in this article.

A conference call is a way to connect people via a video or audio service where people can share their views on a specific topic.

This term is mainly used for business meetings. Things of everyday life, such as television, radio, phone calls, among others, can be considered teleconferencing. In fact, you can broadcast live to make a conference call, public or private.

What is a video conference or video call?

Now we will talk about what a videoconference is. We can say that it is a meeting between two or a larger group of people who are not in the same place, for which the Internet is used as medium for transmitting audio and video. Each participant has a window through which she can contribute to the meeting what she transmits through her camera, be it her face or something else.

Each member of the video call, if he has agreed to do so, has the opportunity to speak and give his opinion at any time he wishes. Also, of course, if the videoconference is online and not in an app, we need to be able to use the camera and microphone of Chrome or another browser you have. On the other hand, you should also make sure that the software and hardware of your device are working so that there are no problems.

How are videoconferencing and teleconferencing different?

Once we have clarified the characteristics of each means of communication presented here, we can ask ourselves how these two differ.

Well, for starters, we can say that videoconferencing it is also a type of teleconference and which are very similar, as it allows us to share information with certain groups of people and receive their views on the subject. Plus, they both allow us to communicate without having to travel.

On the other hand, there is a big gray area when it comes to teleconferencing, as there are many media that we can use to accomplish them. Also, unlike video conferencing, teleconferencing doesn't necessarily have to contain video data to say it's completely complete.

Whatever you need to do, we encourage you to use only quality apps and tools to run them. For example, you can use Google Meet and some similar apps. We hope you get the most out of this guide and that you can use these tools for study, work and everything you want.

We encourage you to continue your research on the subject and do not hesitate to try these wonderful means of communication that we have.

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