What are the main NPC characters, female and male in Fortnite?

Fortnite continues to give something to talk about in the great universe of video games. For some years it has positioned itself and established itself as one of the best games in the world. Its features and playability confirm this. New to Fortnite? Then you will be interested in knowing what are the main NPC women and men in Fortnite .

The characters of this video game they change periodically . Since, like other platforms, it launches new characters every season. That's why, if you're interested in starting playing this season, you should know which characters will be available!

What are the main NPC characters, female and male in Fortnite?

What is Fortnite?

Before starting to touch the subject of the characters, it is convenient to retrace their history a bit. This video game was designed and developed by the company epic Games . This is also responsible for other great games. This video game is mainly developed in the "Battle Royale" mode, also known as "Free for all".

Easy access and availability

It doesn't matter what you use to download and install Fortnite. IS available for virtually any computer or device on you want to play. The game was mainly available for Windows and macOS computers.

Subsequently, the versions available for consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One began, finally Fortnite would arrive on the Nintendo Switch, as well as on Android and iOS devices.

world madness

Fortnite was released in 2017 and has had sensational reach ever since. It only took 2 years for keep the first world championship of this video game.

10 intense weeks of competition allowed at least 40 million players to try their luck in the contest. Until, in the end, there were only 100 players left who would meet in New York.

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In August 2019, the search to find out who is the best Fortnite player in the world would culminate. The title of champion would go to the American Kyle Giersdorf, better known as "Bugha" . With only 16 years, he took the sum of $ 3 million.

What are the main female and male NPCs in Fortnite?

You are surely thinking, I want to be a good player like Giersdorf! And of course, who wouldn't want to take that prize? To do this, you have to practice and fill yourself with patience . A very practical way to get the most out of this video game is to get to know its characters.

Not everything is improving Fortnite's performance on your phone or PC. You should also look for which character best suits your player characteristics . That's why, the main NPC women and men in Fortnite, you have them here.

Variety according to the season

There is something very characteristic of Fornite. And is that the main characters can vary depending on the season they are in. These seasons change every month. Fortnite is characterized by the inclusion of iconic characters from other franchises such as Marvel.

For Fortnite season 5, the characters are tied to the Disney + series "The Mandalorian". These characters, as well as their "Skins", are acquired through battle steps or by completing challenges. Among the main NPC women and men in Fortnite are:

  • Ocean (donna) , which has two styles: "Contracorriente" and "Rider of cove".
  • Eroded (male) , which in turn also has two styles: “Voyager” and “With mask”.
  • Jonesy Diver (male) . Also available in "Tactical" and "Advanced" styles.
  • Jules (gave) , which has the styles "Soldadora" and "Sombra".
  • Zion (woman) , a character you can acquire only if you have the level 80 . It has the styles "Nova" and "Blue".
  • Eternal Knight (maschio) , only available at level 100 in Battle Pass. She has the "Black" and "Gold" styles.
  • Aquaman (male) , acquired if you complete all the Aquaman challenges . He just has one more style, "Arthur Curry".
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Other Fortnite characters that will grab your attention

There are other characters that you can acquire through the Fortnite store . Among the most notable are: Skull Ranger (female), Skull Soldier (male), Triple Threat (female) and Zero (male).

However, these aren't the only ones, you can keep looking for anything you want! Make sure you have enough turkeys to acquire all the characters you want.

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