What are the main responsibilities of a human resources manager?

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In every company or corporation there should be a Human Resources Manager who is responsible for carrying out various responsibilities. This manager is necessary and important in the company in which he works and the proper performance of his responsibilities depends on part of the success of the company. If you want to know what the responsibilities of this position are, what are the main responsibilities of a human resources manager?

What are the main responsibilities of a human resources manager?

What is a human resources manager?

The basic description of what a resource manager is is a person who is in charge of department of human resources . H H. in the company where you live as a worker. This person is responsible for making detailed reports on the affairs of his department to the president of the company, or vice president, chief executive officer or chairman of the board, or in charge of overseeing the department, it all depends on the organizational structure you are working with in the company.

Another job from the HR manager. H H. is that of continuously monitor improvement , the development of everything related to the Human Resources function. Along with this, they carry out tasks such as planning, evaluating and managing that area as well as taking care of everything related to the company's employees.

They have to take care of the recruitment, training, performance care and development of employees, as well as take care of employee records, employment relationships, etc. Also the responsibility of manage and administer employee benefits, wages and paychecks fall on their shoulders.

It is very important that a human resources manager is attentive to the functioning and performance of the work team he oversees, then makes observations and adjustments so that there is an improvement in the work.

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What are the main responsibilities of a human resources manager?

Personnel recruitment and selection

While it is true that whoever truly supervises that recruitment and selection objectives are met in the company, it is the human resources manager, who has the final say. recruit and retain r tools used for the company.

In this way, the person in charge of the distribution human resources . H H. is responsible for developing effective strategies to adequately meet the need for employees for various positions in the company.

Employee development and training

Finally, the human resources manager is in charge of determine when and what type of training such as seminars, training for new hires, professional development workshops and participatory leadership training is needed in the company.

In this way, HR managers have a duty to assess the performance needs of staff in order to concretely determine whether employees can really benefit from the training provided.

Another task that the HR manager must perform is to carefully review records that reflect employee performance, in order to see where they need to be made certain improvements that they can be adapted with the use of courses, workshops, seminars and any other type of training.

Monetary compensation and employee benefits

In this field, it is the human resources manager who deals with aspects such as the monitoring of negotiations for matters relating to the company's medical services, the implementation of effective and strategic compensation plans, compliance with the law on medical leave and the guarantee of the confidentiality of staff medical records.

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Also, the head of the human resources department. H H. It is the responsibility of a company to drive those who are specialists or professionals in the right direction when it comes to general compensation and benefits.

Relations with staff

In the context of human resources management, the head of this department has the task of developing effective strategies so that a healthy relationship is maintained in the company for which he works. employee-employer .

Although he is actually the professional in relations with personnel who deals with aspects of the work environment, it is the human resources manager who has the concrete responsibility of making the safe environment for employees, make the welfare of all prevail and eliminate harassment and discrimination.

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