What are the pros and cons of using SVG on my website?

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If you have a website, you definitely want to do your best and do everything to make it as professional as possible and invite people to visit it continuously. In this case, you have surely heard that one of the tactics used by the most visited websites is the SVG format.

But, before trying your luck with this, it's important to consider several aspects of interest, that's why we're going to talk about the topic today What are the pros and cons of using SVG on my website? First of all, let's review a bit what SVG is, just in case you're not entirely clear about this yet.

    What is the SVG format so widely used today?

    SVG stands for English words Scalable Vector Graphics or bringing it into Spanish it would be Redimensional Vector Graphics. These are two-dimensional vector graphics or vector images that unlike other types of existing digital image formats, SVG images can be enlarged or resized without appearing pixelated.

    In files of different image formats .PNG, .JPG, .GIF BMP and others, it is common to see that when you try to zoom in on the image, it tends to look pixelated and is usually of low quality. On the other hand, the images in SVG format can be greatly enlarged without losing their quality; Well, they still look as good as in their original size, something totally new and beneficial.

    Another advantage of this type of SVG images or vector images; they weigh significantly less megabytes than an average image or other common image format. It is such a good format that it is compared to those used by Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator, which is why, although little known, it is commonly used on websites.

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    What are the pros and cons of using SVG on my website?

    Now that you have a better understanding of what SVG format is, you will surely have in mind to use it on your website. But before making any decisions about it, carefully check the list of advantages and disadvantages of this format that we will provide you with below.

    Advantages of using the SVG format

    One of the first benefits of using this format on your website is that no matter where your followers visit your website; Whether from a computer or a mobile phone, the images will not lose their quality , they will look good.

    Another advantage is that these images have the distinction of being subject to various modifications, they can be rotated or rotated, apply filters, animations, transformations and SVG images can be opened in Photoshop online for easy editing. This is useful when customizing images in this format to fit your website, to attract more attention from people on the internet.

    A third advantage is that when you zoom in on the image, you will be able to see instead of pixels, a sharpness total in the image and a view of infinite quality.

    We can also mention the fact that these types of images weigh very little; so you can have lots of SVG images archived without worrying that they take up too much space where you have stored them.

    Finally, there is the fact that the user does not need to visit your website do not have to enlarge the image in SVG format; as it adapts automatically to the device. It can get smaller or bigger depending on your website visitor team, all while maintaining quality.

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    Disadvantages of using the SVG format

    Speaking directly about the disadvantages, we can highlight the fact that handling the SVG format may require programming knowledge. Another painful disadvantage of this image format is that it doesn't support CMYK color .

    To mention another disadvantage, we can talk about the fact that some browsers still do not support this type of image; which is a big drawback, however, most browsers already accept the SVG format.

    Now that you know more about the SVG format, what decision will you make? Will you use it or not? It all depends on you, what your website looks like and what audience you want to attract.

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