What are the requirements for WhatsApp to work on my mobile? What is needed?

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Among the mobile applications for instant messaging, installing WhatsApp yes is positioned among the most popular, putting other applications such as Yahoo! MSN Messenger thanks to the functions it offers to the public for its use, which has made it the app with more than one billion active users per day.

Among the reasons why the users install WhatsApp on your mobile there is the possibility to share the statuses with your contacts by choosing between text, photos or videos with which to add filters or stickers.

Similarly, through a data network or Wi-Fi you can instantly send messages to other users anywhere on the planet and at no additional cost, i.e. you don't need any other telephone plan to be able to make calls or send SMS International.

So you don't need to use the same postcode, phone platform, or phone model to be able to communicate with one person or group, or to securely video call up to 8 contacts with end-to-end encryption. With it no one will be able to have your information.

    Is my iPhone compatible with WhatsApp?

    Recently WhatsApp released a statement in which it announced that it would stop supporting iPhone devices with an IOS operating system equal to or less than IOS 9, so devices such as the Phone 4s and 5, iPad 2 and 3, iPad mini 1 and iPod touch The 5G he will not be able to count on the social network if he cannot update his software to at least version 9.3.6, which was the last certified by Apple.

    So if your device contains a version IOS higher than 9.3.6 you can successfully install the application from the App Store.

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    What Android version do I need to be able to install WhatsApp?

    Cell phones that contain Android with version lower than 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich will not be able to use the application, so any mobile phone that cannot update its operating system to version 4.1 or later will be excluded from the list of downloads from the Play Store.

    Find out how to create a WhatsApp account step by step

    First you have to download the application for Android or iPhone from the Play Store or the App Store, and once installed you have to open the application, then accept the conditions of use and continue.

    Allowed i permissions that WhatsApp will ask you to access your photos, content, multimedia files and files on your device or you can postpone it for when you feel more comfortable giving that information to the application, in any case you can continue with the installation.

    Next, write the telephone number with which you want to open the account with the prefix or postcode of your country and press "Next", verify and accept again or change. Once you have received the SMS or the call with the sent code, you must enter it and press Next.

    Finally, configure your profile with a username and a photo so that your contacts can identify you and you can start chatting.

    On which mobiles WhatsApp might stop working?

    On mobile phones that WhatsApp will stop working and on those that do not have their operating system updated to the latest version supported and accepted by WhatsApp, such as mobile phones with an Android operating system lower than 4.1 or IOS9.

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