What are the requirements to work on Amazon Flex? - Amazon Flex requirements

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The Amazon company launched Amazon Flex on the marketplace with the aim of speed up the deliveries of your parcels ; With this new project, many users have the opportunity to join this great company and increase their earnings with flexible hours. For this reason, you may be wondering, is Amazon Flex worth working for? What are the requirements for which they apply?

If you want to join Amazon Flex as a delivery driver; This post will tell you what are the requirements to work on Amazon Flex? ; so you can start increasing your income today.

What are the requirements to work at Amazon Flex - Amazon Flex requirements

      What are the requirements to work on Amazon Flex?

      Amazon Flex is present in several countries; and offers its users an opportunity to join this company as a delivery driver. And for this you can count on a complete guide to work in Amazon Flex without problems.

      But as in any job you have to meet certain requirements; These are the requirements you must meet in order to be part of this team and earn a good income :

      • Be over 18 and have free time

      If you want to know what you need to sign up for Amazon Flex as a courier , you should know that: The minimum age to work in Spain with Amazon Flex is 18 years old; but in some countries like the US, Amazon requires you to be 21 years old. Amazon will take care of verifying the user's age at the time of license check-in; in this way it will be guaranteed that the age of the driver is the one established.

      You must know that it is not necessary to work all day with Amazon Flex, since you can dedicate a minimum of 2 hours a day and a maximum of 4 hours.

      • Own vehicle and valid driving licence

      It is essential to have a vehicle; but the car must meet certain requirements - be of medium to large size , to have 4 ports , sedans, hatchbacks or vans would be ideal so as not to have problems with the number of parcels assigned to you.

      Open freight wagons are not accepted . Your driving license must be issued by the country where you are going to work, as a license issued abroad is not valid.

      • You must have a Smartphone (Android or iOS)

      To be a delivery worker in Amazon Flex you must have a good mobile device with excellent performance in so that the application works correctly; Also, the app takes a lot of battery power.

      In order to download the Amazon Flex App on Android and iPhone and work properly on the device, they must have the following characteristics: They must be Android 5.0 or later, iOS 11 or later, iPhone 5S or later; must have too 2 GB of RAM or higher, camera with flash, GPS , SIM card.

      • Have a bank account and work for yourself

      You must have a bank account; that you must register in the Amazon Flex app in so that the company deposits the money you have accumulated during the delivery blocks on Tuesdays and Fridays. In addition to being a delivery man, it is essential to be autonomous; that is, you cannot depend on any company or business, you have to work alone.

      What do I do after qualifying for Amazon Flex?

        Keep in mind that the costs of fuel, car maintenance, payment of fines and self-employment fee are paid by the worker, Amazon Flex does not cover these charges.

        Also the minimum allowed to work is one block, ie 2 hours of work . The Amazon company will give you 10 days to send the requested information; After submitting it, you need to wait 2 to 5 business days to confirm your request.

        If you meet the requirements indicated in this post to be a delivery boy, what are you waiting for? don't think twice and submit your request to Amazon Flex today; start generating excellent income in your free time , you definitely won't regret it.

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