What are they and how to create identity cards on Instagram?

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If you are a fan of the social network Instagram, you have surely heard of identity cards. This is a feature that is becoming a lot popular within this social network.

But you really know what ID cards are and what you need to do to create one. This post will explain to you what are they and how to make identity cards on Instagram? And at the same time, how to make strategic use of links , not to miss the opportunity to create a card and share it with everyone.

    What are Instagram ID cards?

    Instagram ID cards, also known as Nametag; is a method created by Instagram to facilitate the process of adding users to an account. Thus, we can say that Instagram ID cards are a personal code or a ticket from visit of our profile; that other users of this social network can digitize.

    The main purpose of ID cards is to scan a user's card and start tracking them. When you use this method, you will no longer have to search for a person's username in a list of multiple similar results. You don't even have to ask him to write her name because it's very difficult to spell, you just have to take a picture.

    Although this method do not include a QR code, we can say that the process is very similar, because you have to take a photo with your mobile device of the business card to start following a user.

    This card contains yours username, but you can customize the wallpaper to reflect your personality and be more original. You can also share this card in other applications such as Facebook, Telegram or WhatsApp to add more followers to your account. And more if your profile is responsible for promoting a brand or product. And of course with Instagram you have the advantage of knowing who has stopped following you in a few steps, and this will help you reinvent yourself, attract more followers.

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    How to create an identity card on Instagram?

    You can create an identity card from the Instagram mobile application or the web version. Although in this latest version the card will be very simple and you will have to download and print it in order to use it.

    You can also create a Landing Page using Canva in just a few steps. This will allow your followers to enter your online business, even encouraging them to buy. In this post we will show you how to make a card from the app.

      You can share your card in other applications devi alone press the share button located in the upper right corner of the card . Whenever you need to scan your ID card, you need to follow the previous steps 1 to 4; When your card is displayed, you just need the other user to take the photo.

      To scan the card of some users you have to go to the section where your card is located and click on "Scan ID card" ; The camera will immediately open to scan, once the process is done, Instagram will give you the option to follow said user, you need to be connected to the internet to perform this process.

      If you are planning to create an Instagram profile for business or personal, go ahead and create an original ID card. This will allow your friends, acquaintances and family to quickly add you to their Instagram profiles without any complications.

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