What can we do with the Internet of Things of 5G technology?

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The arrival of the internet is something that has marked an entire generation. Today we cannot imagine a world without it. A few years ago it was said that 5G technology would revolutionize the world as we know it today. Read on to find out more about this.

5G technology has come and done it to stay. Experts say it will completely change the world. Communications will become more effective and distances shorter. It is even controversial, since it has started the debate on the possible health dangers of 5G technology.

The fifth generation of mobile networks is called 5G. In addition to being useful only for Smartphones, it will be applicable to many niches . From self-driving cars to medicine and agriculture. The differences between Wi-Fi 6 and 5G networks and also the differences between Wi-Fi 5G and 5GHz networks should be emphasized in order not to get confused.

    Changes that come with 5G technology

    The most notable advance is the speed of the Internet, which will be up to 10 times faster than today. This, for example, will allow you to download series and movies in less than 5 seconds. This is just the tip of the iceberg to know what the 5G network is and how it works, features, advantages and disadvantages?

    Similarly, the latency period, which is the response time of the network, it will be reduced by at least 5 milliseconds. It seems like a very short time but it will make a difference, allowing you to connect in real time with people on the other side of the world.

    Reducing latency time can be beneficial in other areas, not just in communication. In self-driving cars, that response time can make all the difference in avoiding an accident, thus increasing your safety.

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    Things that can be done with 5G technology

    The combination of increased internet speeds and reduced reaction times in 5G technology will help boost other technological fields, such as virtual reality, drones, the internet of things and the aforementioned autonomous vehicles.

    Remote medical interventions

    As the time it takes for a device to emit and receive network signals has been reduced , for example, a surgeon does not need to be in the same place as the patient during surgery.

    This is achieved thanks to virtual reality glasses and a glove that emits signals to a robot. Using these two tools, the surgeon can see what's going on in real time and send signals to a robot to make the movements.

    Touch and feel things from a distance

    5G technology is also called touch technology. This is thanks to the tactile feedback. It is activated when, wearing special gloves, signals are sent to a robot to touch an object.

    In turn, this conveys the tactile sensations that the experience of touching the object gives. All over long distances. This allows you to make virtual reality a much more realistic experience by bringing together senses such as sight, hearing and now touch.

    In addition to doctors, this technology allows construction workers to remotely supervise work and assembly made by robots.

    Smart homes

    The internet of things has come into everyday life thanks to the 5G technology. This will allow for smart appliances that will be able to connect to each other and to your mobile device.

    Therefore, the refrigerator will be able to send a notification to the phone when the ice is already frozen or if the temperature is dropping. Or the washing machine may warn you that the wash cycle has finished. Or better yet, you can tell the coffeemaker to make your own coffee, so you'll have your coffee ready every morning when you wake up.

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    Distances will no longer be a limit

    5G technology will make the world smaller and much more interconnected. This new technological revolution it has just begun and there is still a lot to discover about the things that can be done with it, but what the future holds seems very interesting.

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