What do horses and donkeys eat in Minecraft? - How to feed them?

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Many times we can find horses and donkeys in Minecraft , these animals can be tamed and become a great help. But, for that, we have to feed them in a certain specific way, moreover, there are some foods that improve their life and performance in the game .

The interesting thing about having horses and donkeys is that you can put them to breed or mate.

What do horses and donkeys eat in Minecraft? - How to feed them

      What should you feed horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

      These animals, which in real life have some similarities and differences, are not lost in Minecraft, although they share some of their food. The most useful foods for these animals are apples and hay bales, the former help their taming, making them more docile.

      Hay, on the other hand, is an excellent food when traveling with these animals, revitalizing them and making them much more resistant.

      You may find other foods like golden apples or golden carrots that can help these animals reproduce . It is also possible to feed the horses and donkeys in Minecraft with sugar, grain and bread, any food you provide increases the animal's life by a percentage.

      The only food that can fully recover the animal is the hay bale, which has great resilience and decreases the growth time of the animal.

      How to feed horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

      Feeding these animals has many benefits, from facilitating taming, to speeding up the breeding process, getting more. to give to eat them you must have food in your inventory on hand , Minecraft always gives you an indicator you can aim with.

      Use it to point to the horse or donkey and click, this way you feed it, you can do it with a horse that is already tame or with a wild one. Feeding them helps their living levels to increase , making them improve their stamina when walking or carrying them on trips or fighting.

      The only food that cannot be fed this way is hay, because it works like a block, which you have to place so that the horse can eat it directly.

      What are the benefits of feeding horses and donkeys in Minecraft?

      The main advantage is that this facilitates the taming of these animals, which sometimes can cost up to twenty mounted on the animal.

      On the other hand, it makes them much healthier, making them more resistant when we face an attack from zombies or other enemies. In the case of horses, keeping them fed helps them have more stamina, plus they can be worn on saddles and armor.

      For donkeys, these work as a means of cargo, when we need to transport crates or other material, these animals can carry them with ease. Among the foods that give the most benefit we find the apple and the golden carrot , two foods that can facilitate the reproduction of these animals.

      When you have two horses or donkeys already tamed, they can mate and give us a new horse or donkey, this way we mix their characteristics.

      It is only necessary that these animals are our property. Namely they are domesticated by us and we give each of them an apple or a golden carrot.

      These animals are quite useful, even by killing them, you can get other items from them, such as skin or meat, which are ideal for surviving in this world.

      There are many people who consider a donkey or horse as an ideal member of theirs exploration team , decreases the cost of living and can be used to carry items. Now that you know how and what to feed them, it's time for you to bring your new animals into Minecraft , you will have a ranch with many horses or a battle steed.

      If you have a large number of pets such as pigs, dogs, cats and chickens, we recommend that you set up a farm to keep them in a safe place. An interesting fact about Minecraft is that in this game you can also create your own honey farm.

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