What do I need to be a worker or work for DiDi?

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It should be noted that DiDi is a transportation company located in China and mainly located in the capital Beijing. This company can be of great help to us, as with it we can move to any place urgently. But all of you ask yourself the question , what do I need to be a worker or work in DiDi? Well, if you keep observing more in this article you will be able to inform yourself about that question you had. Here we will show you all the requirements and documents you need to work on DiDi.

What do I need to be a DIDI member or to work at DIDI?

This type of private transport will help us in many ways; or by moving much faster, giving us maximum safety and being able to make our life easier and without complications, given the his great service which is very surprising and effective at the same time; It can be said that it is one of the best private means of transport in existence.

What do I need to be a DiDi worker?

The main thing to be able to work in this company is to know how to drive and do it very well, as it is a very good company, and that is why you must first learn how to drive correctly; After learning to drive, you need to have some requirements and documents which are very necessary to join the association. We'll show you those requirements and documents below.

Requirements to work in DiDi

What do I need to be a worker or work for DiDi? First of all, one of the requirements to access this company is to be of age and have many responsibilities; you need to download an app DiDi Conductor from Google Play. After downloading the application, you need to create a user with all personal data.

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In order to work in this company, it is necessary to acquire another very important requirement, which is: to have a very comfortable and august vehicle in so that when people are inside they want to return to service. The car must have four doors and tinted windows. In other words, the car that DiDi accepts for work should be as bright as possible.


Documentation will never do the same, as this company is located in many specific countries, some of which are: Colombia, Chile, Brazil, China, Mexico and other countries. For this reason, the fact that it is in different countries is that the documentation is not the same; but what they always ask for is the identity document, the documentation of the car and all its features and obviously the driving license which cannot be missing.

What features should the car have?

In the DiDi company they are very demanding on the part of vehicles, since their utility must be one of the best in the world and that is why it must respond to different characteristics, your vehicle must have:

  • The car must be a minimum of the model from 2012 onwards.
  • The vehicle must have a minimum of four doors.
  • The car must also become SOAT.
  • Also it must be in excellent condition and without any damage.
  • It must have windows and air conditioning that work very well.
  • The car must be in the authorized car inventory.
  • Maximum safety, seat belts and ABS brakes.

Why is DiDi so cheap?

It can be said that when comparing DiDi advantages with other companies, this is cheaper than Uber, since it has one of the best services and this makes it cheaper, it is said that the trips that Uber makes shorter, have a high equivalence; while the "DiDi" is super cheaper. That is why we recommend using this private transport service.

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Also, one of the things that the Didi association is cheaper for is its presentation. That is, this company has the basis for attracting the attention of couriers, and it is for this reason that the owners of this company make the cost of transportation the most appropriate for customers.

What do I need to be a worker or work for DiDi? Likewise, one should take into account how good and very safe this type of transport can be. Its price, no matter how affordable it is, is worth it; You can also say that if it cost a little more money we could definitely pay for it, since the your service is too good and it could be worth every penny it costs. Finally, if you are interested in being a DiDi driver, we recommend that you use the official apps of this company in the AppStore for (iOS) and in the.

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