What does Double Check on Tinder mean? How to know if someone has read my message on Tinder

Tinder is an application launched in September of two thousand and twelve, the purpose of which is to meet certain people with whom it is possible to chat, have common interests and make an appointment . To learn more about this App, today will you know what double check in Tinder means?

Many people are looking for the best free dating apps; But Tinder is considered to be one of the best social networks for digital dating. And also accessible in twenty-four languages .

It is a very popular social network, where you can see Tinder Gold games, profiles and photos without paying. To be used it is necessary a minimum age of eighteen and is downloadable, on Google Play and in the App Store, for iOS and Android devices.

    Before the appearance of Tinder Premium, when a message was written and then clicked on 'send', then after a few seconds the 'checks' appear, that is the icon with the blue check mark, "only one" means that the message has been sent, has just gone out; On the other hand, the "double check" is that it has arrived at its destination but it does not guarantee that it has been read .

    This concept has brought a lot of confusion and trouble among people, however, on Tinder now has its "double blue check" like that of the WhatsApp application and others, and which is activated by default, being able to know if the message they have sent has been read. To do this, you need to subscribe to Tinder Premium, Tinder Gold, or Tinder Plus.

    Requirements to create my Tinder Premium account and double check

    Tinder Premium it's a much more attractive version to most of identification of this platform; This is because they can have more convenience in using, also because the ads and other more advanced features do not appear compared to the original and free version.

    If you are a Tinder Premium you can know if they have read your messages , but you have to pay a fee; If the other person you wrote to isn't Tinder Premium, they won't find out. You also have the advantage of turning it off whenever you want.

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    To be a Tinder Premium, you need to go to "Tinder", then to "Your Tinder Profile", then click "Settings" and now you need to choose which Premium plan you want, over "Tinder Gold" or 'Tinder Plus' ; then the rate you want, whether it is monthly, half-yearly or yearly. Conclude by entering your credit card details.

    The rate varies according to the plan to choose and the duration, for example for Tinder Gold a month costs twenty-four point five euros, then if you choose six months it will be ninety-two euros and if you want it for twelve months it will be one hundred and twenty-two euros.

    The fee for the Tinder Plus plan , for a month it costs sixty-six point three euros, then for six months you have sixty-one euros and for twelve months, that is the whole year, eighty-one euros.

    Now, so that you can activate the 'double check' that is the signal it makes when you read the messages that come to you, the other person will be able to see that you read it. It basically bears a resemblance to WhatsApp ; But to be able to have it active you will not have much to do, since having Tinder Premium is established there by default of the app.

    If you want to have Tinder Premium, download the application and pay the corresponding subscription for the time you want to use it (one, three or twelve months). But if you want to uninstall this feature, go to settings, then settings and look for messages; There you will find the option to mark as read and you can activate or deactivate.

    How do I know if my message has already been read in a Tinder chat?

    Those who use it frequently and live with someone, usually change the location in Tinder on Android or iPhone, or hide Tinder from their mobile so that no one can see it. But when you flirt with someone, it's normal to want to to know if he has read your message .

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    You can find out through the Tinder website and start checking the chat by following the initial message and whether that user 'Follows the thread' or not, to find out what happened to them or messages and why they have not received a reply.

    First you need to check if the message has had any comments or words that don't deserve a response, then it's important to check how has your business been in the last few hours and find out if it has been active or not connected for several days.

    For this activity, you just have to do click between your profile photo and your name of the conversation. In general, it is difficult for the person to forget to check pending messages; Well, Tinder always sends reminders visually and in writing.

    We therefore conclude that this application now gives you the benefit of knowing whether or not people have read your Tinder messages. Since, it is a service that you can choose to pay for, in based on your economic ease .

    How to see someone's latest connection on Tinder

    Tinder has updated a lot and has allowed greater privacy to its users; since it was created it was possible to easily see the last link, but this is no longer possible today.

    However, you can check if someone is online or not ; this if it notifies you when you enter a chat. Another way is to write a message you want to talk to and you will notice that three ellipses appear in the chat; which means it is replying to you and therefore it is online. You can also check your profile picture to see if it's the same one you had or if you've recently changed it.

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    What other benefits besides double checking does paying for my Tinder account offer me?

    In addition to being able to deselect the double check that confirms the reading of messages, Tinder Premium offers you the possibility to enhance your profile; this by inserting the photos you have with a very good image; It also allows you to have a wider range of appointments or recommendations from people close to your geographic area, among other options ...

    Tinder Gold

    It is a paid version that Tinder has, which you can enjoy for a month by canceling 15 euros; for six months 11 and; for one year 10 euros for each month. Here you can enjoy many features that a free account does not have, how to find people you have a greater affinity with; they appear in searches between 60 and 80% more; have unlimited likes; from the super five I like it in one day.

    You can also see who you like and the likes that are registered on your profile (this feature is exclusive to this version); You can choose whether to see the active ones or only those compatible with your tastes; Other than that, you can choose who sees your profile and delete the ads.

    Tinder Plus

    Another paid option that Tinder offers you is its Plus version; This, unlike the golden one, can be purchased with cheaper subscriptions ranging from 5 to 10 euros per month; Of course it also depends on the number of months you pay, the monthly value will decrease.

    This version is very similar or practically the same as Tinder Gold; what changes is that you can't see who likes you , so you can't know who likes you. For the rest, the other functions are also included for this version; Now it's up to you to decide which one to hire and which one fits your willingness to pay.

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