What happens if I deactivate the Facebook Messenger chat?

What happens if I disable the "Facebook Messenger" chat ? Will my contacts know if I turn off Facebook Messenger chat? How can I configure my connection status in Facebook Messenger?

Facebook has been the main social network for years. That is due to the wide variety of options it offers , like sharing pictures, videos, uploading stories, making friends and chatting online for free.

If you are a Facebook user, you have to know their Facebook Messenger App , one of the best in terms of online messaging. However, sometimes it can be a little annoying to receive numerous messages, so the best option is to turn off Facebook Messenger.

But have you ever wondered what happens when you configure your Messenger not to appear online? Do your friends realize this? Looks like you have disabled "Facebook Messenger" chat?

What is the availability on "Facebook Messenger"?

Facebook Messenger is one of the best chat apps currently in existence. In it, it is possible to talk to many people, no matter where they are in the world. You can send messages and when you will be available other users will be able to write to you.

But what does it mean to be active on Messenger? Availability on Facebook Messenger or active state tell your friends and contacts on the platform that you are online to chat.

Your name will appear in the 'Chat' section along with a green circle, indicating availability. If you are available, but inactive on the platform, a gray circle will appear.

In the case of you want to appear Inactive on Facebook , you can turn off Messenger chat. At the same time, you have the option to disable chat for one person on Facebook or for a group of people. This option can be extremely useful if you work through the Facebook platform.

How can I deactivate my availability in chat?

It is not a diversi modi per disable Facebook Messenger chat. And none of these involve closing your session on the platform. Each of these ways will depend on the device the active chat session is on.

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You can deactivate your availability in the chat from Facebook, for this you just have to enter your account from a PC and click on the Chat section. In the right corner at the bottom of the screen you will see a drop-down menu. In it you need to select the 'Disable focus' option.

If you want to disable chat completely, you have to do it from each of the devices you have. For deactivate your availability in the Facebook Messenger app, you need to log into the application as usual.

Next, in the address folder, you need to see the options menu and select the "Active" section. In this section just click and in this way your Facebook chat will be deactivated.

One last way is through the Messenger settings, from "Facebook Messenger". In this section devi alone click on 'Active status' in so that it turns off automatically.

What happens if I turn off Messenger chat?

Now let's talk about the important question, what happens when Facebook Messenger chat is disabled? To answer this question, there are several important factors to consider.

With deactivation of Facebook Messenger Chat, it will no longer be displayed active in the chat list of your friends and contacts on the platform. Therefore your Facebook name will no longer appear in the list of available contacts.

There will be no active or inactive icon next to your name. Likewise, your contacts and friends the first few hours after deactivating the chat on your Facebook Messenger will be able to see 'Active 1 hour ago'. This will disappear after the first 7 hours.

It is important to keep in mind that, even if you turn off Facebook Messenger chat, you will still be able to receive messages. If your goal is not to be interrupted, the next best thing you can do is turn off the App notifications.

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How to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger

To be able to temporarily disable Facebook Messenger, you just need to follow these simple instructions. But you need to know that you have to go through first the process of deactivating your Facebook account . Otherwise you will not be able to have the option that will allow you to deactivate Facebook Messenger.

So, as a first step, you need to log into your Facebook account and log in as usual. Once you are in it, go to the right of the screen and you need to click or tap the down arrow icon . This action will bring up an options menu and from which you will select 'Settings'.

You will be taken to its window and in it we will position ourselves in the left panel where we will select the 'Your Facebook information' option. Now in this new window you will find and select the 'Deactivation and deletion' option. Then select the option 'Deactivate account' and then press the option ' Continue with account deactivation '.

From the mobile app

Once your Facebook account is deactivated, you can easily disable Facebook Messenger . This can be done from the mobile application of your iOS or Android phone and to get started you need to open the application from your mobile. Then you need to go to the top left corner where your profile photo is and click on it.

The next step is to select the 'Conditions and Policies' option and then you have to choose the 'Disable Messenger' option. When you press a new 'Disable' option will appear, which you must also press to confirm the temporary deactivation of Messenge r. To reactivate your Facebook and Messenger account, you just have to log in and that's it.

Directly from your computer

To disable Facebook Messenger from your PC and it does not show that you are active or online , you can do the following. Enter the application and log in, the next step is to locate and click on your profile photo. This action will show a menu of options and you need to select "Preferences", then select "Active State" and then "Show Active State" to disable it.

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How to show yourself invisible and not appear online on Facebook Messenger

do not appear online or disconnected from Facebook Messenger, you need to perform two important steps and they are as follows. First go to your Facebook profile and once you are on the home page, go to your profile picture. Click on it to bring up a menu of options and in our case we will look for the "Availability" option and select "Disabled".

The next step is to enter the Facebook mobile application and click on the icon with three horizontal lines. This is so that you have access to the menu, then select the 'Settings and privacy' option. Then click "Account Settings" and here you should look for a switch that will allow you to disable Facebook chat.

Limit your messages

Being able to limit messages and therefore stop everyone from sending you a message it is very simple to do. This is a very practical and necessary privacy option in this social network. To use it, you just need to enter the application and locate the lock icon in the top right and now select the 'Who can contact me' option.

Change your availability

One of the options that Facebook Messenger allows you is to adjust the availability for your friends in the chat . Where you can choose to disable the chat for all your friends or for some that you choose. To do this, you just need to log into your Facebook account and then click on the "Chat" button, then on "Options" and finally on the "Disable chat" option.

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