What happens if I don't activate the Windows license? How can they penalize me?

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What happens if I don't have an active Windows license. ? The Windows operating system is preferred by many people for their computers as it is one of the best systems around. Likewise, it is very easy to manage and offers a large variety of useful tools and applications for any job or activity, as long as you have all the licenses up to date.

Microsoft Windows is a non-free operating system. In other words, it is paid, so it includes some licenses that need to be activated for it to work properly. Previously in its previous versions like Windows XP, Windows 7 or 8 when installing the software they gave you a trial period of 30 days and then you had to buy the license or it stopped working properly, currently if you install Windows 10 it is a little different .

    What does it mean that I have to activate Windows

    When you don't have an active Windows license, your computer will will constantly remember . This warning or message indicates that the version of Windows you are using does not have authorization rights.

    Therefore not yes it is the original version of the operating system but a copy of it. However, there is no need to worry as this is a normal warning as the licenses run out over time and need to be renewed. Through these licenses, Microsoft guarantees that its creations are used in operating systems legally.

    Windows licenses are required by Microsoft to be sure not to use a pirated program, if the license is not activated the functionality of your system will be reduced as well as having limited access to some sectors and programs. Currently in new versions such as Windows 10 there is no time limit to purchase the license, in fact you will never be able to purchase it but you will have system limitations.

    Firstly, if you don't activate the licenses, what will happen is that when you log into any version of Windows, yes will open the version mode of proof that it will not allow you to access all things of this operating system, there you will notice a message on your screen asking you to renew the license which can be annoying because it will exit at any time and repeatedly.

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    Can I get Windows for free without activating?

    Yup, you can have windows operating system without activating anything. However, if you don't have an active license for this program, your computer system will not function completely the same way. This way, you won't have all the functions they had previously.

    For these reasons it is always advisable to have the Windows license active. So that you can enjoy all its accessories and functions , as well as having the legal and original version.

    However, it all depends on the version of Windows you are using. Microsoft has long since become more flexible in this sense. In the beginning with Windows Vista there was only 30 days of free version and then it stopped working until the licenses were activated.

    However, now the company lets you not have the active Windows license and it works almost the same way . Today with Windows 10 there is no limit to the trial time, only that sometimes it will remind you that you need to activate the licenses.

    One of the downsides of not having active licenses is that you can't customize your computer, so you won't be able to change the background colors , add images as wallpaper, lock screens, change many aspects of the menu or dock websites or applications to the taskbar.

    Limited Windows features not activated

    There are some things that don't work the same way when you don't have an active Windows license. Most they are basic things which are not necessary for the proper functioning of the computer. In fact, you can perfectly use it without these features.

    On the contrary, if you need and want to have all the functions active. You must have all active Windows licenses.

    Personalization and themes

    One of the various limitations you will find is that you cannot customize the system to your liking. So you have to make do with viewing the operating system in original way how Microsoft created it.

    In this way, you cannot configure the theme that is displayed on the screen when Windows starts. Nor can they add pictures of background or the colors with which you can see the system if you do not activate the Windows license.

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    Startup Settings

    The configuration that is done at the start menu cannot be performed if you do not have the active license. Therefore, you will not be able to add folders or links to this menu. Likewise, you won't be able to rename existing folders in the menu either.

    Another impediment is that it is not possible change the screen background stuck. So when the computer is in this state, it will have the default Windows image. Pin the apps to the taskbar, it won't work until the license is active.

    Synchronization services

    You will not be able to use the synchronization services even if you do not have an active license. So you won't be able to sync your computer with any of your Microsoft accounts like Outlook, but you will have to open it from the browser.

    Penalties and Office Packages

    Microsoft does not penalize for not having the license, it only limits certain actions such as customization and the use and operation of certain operating system applications such as reading the news, Windows weather reports, the game bar, Windows Hello, Groove music and disable the functions of the virtual assistant Cortana.

    As for the functionality of the operating system, not having the active license will not create any problems for you, so you will be able to browse internet without any restrictions , watch movies through the player as well as view and edit images or receive automatic system notifications and updates.

    Now there is not only the system license, but even the Office licenses , that is, there are also permissions for text editor programs such as Word, Power Point, Excel and some others, if you do not have it active you will be able to see the documents you have already saved on your computer but you will not be able to edit or create new ones, however, resolving the Office product activation error is easier.

    Dangers of Illegally Activating Windows

    There are several factors that can compromise the Windows operating system if you own the licenses illegally. One of them is that the applications or the system itself they may detect that it is not the original version , which could compromise the functionality of the applications.

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    In the same way, there is no support when you have a computer with a system in these conditions. Also, when the licenses are illegal, they can be easily detected by these companies. Then the message may reappear for license activation.

    Ways to activate the license in Windows

    To activate the Windows license and make your operating system act without restrictions, the best solution is buy them on the Microsoft website , once purchased you have to place the activation key that they will give you on your computer and you will have everything enabled. Similarly, you can link your Windows license to your Outlook account.

    On the other hand, if you don't want to spend money on purchasing system licenses and Office packages, there is another way activate your operating system in so that it works without restrictions, and it is that Microsoft to ensure to bring its services to more people and applications, now offers the possibility of obtaining these codes or keys.

    How to activate Windows with a key

    On the official Microsoft page you will find completely free and legal generic codes, these are company-created keys that will give you activation for a limited time, and if you are lucky you may find special codes that do not have an expiration date, too if they are very rare.

    Keys, keys or generic codes, they are special permissions that Microsoft and Windows grant people to have their own active licenses.

    Generic keys allow you to install and use the Windows operating system practically without restrictions . Although there is always some limitation in terms of settings for this operating system. To activate the licenses with one of these codes you must first open the configuration page. This is by holding down the Windows key plus the letter L.

    Then look for the update and security area, to enter the activation part. In this section you need to find where to change the product key, then write the key and finally click Next.

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