What is a computer system and what is it for? Parts and types

Nowadays due to the technological boom it is difficult to imagine carrying out various tasks or activities without the use of a computer or a PC. These computers work fine, because they have an operating system that allows them to manage information correctly, there are several versions of operating systems to date.

In general, the computer system is made up of several elements that allow computers to function properly; they also allow you to install and have programs to facilitate the performance of basic tasks. Currently computer systems they are also recognized for the implementation of the acronym SI.

Parts of computer systems

In general, computer systems are made up of three essential elements; that allow a computer to perform various tasks or activities. It should be noted that, although each part is intended to develop a main task, the computer system works, since its elements they are intertwined to work out all that is possible to do on a computer.

1. Hardware

The hardware is the tangible part that makes up the computer, that is physical elements that allow a PC to function . Among the most important elements that you will find there will be the processor, the hard disk, the motherboard and the RAM memory. As these will determine how quickly you can reproduce the intangibles that make up the Software.

Likewise, the hardware also includes the power supply, network card, CD / DVD drives among others. In general, all the items you can touch and view are those that make up the Hardware. That is why it is very important that you know the difference between the types of hardware that exist, as this will give you information on the compatibility that should exist between them.

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2. software

Software is the intangible part of the computer, even though you can view it, you cannot touch it; in general it consists of all the programs we use. On the other hand, è also known as the logical part of the computer , as it allows communication between the user and the equipment, facilitating its operation.

The software is made up of all those office programs that we continuously use on the PC; although they also include other types of programs. It is important to identify when this part of the computer system is not working, as this will not allow the device to function properly. If this is your case, it is always important to know some tools and programs that will help you update your software.

3. Firmware

This part that constitutes the computer system of a computer, it is what is responsible for the connection between hardware and software . Specifically, firmware is software that is found in all hardware components and allows you to provide low-level control, so that they can perform more complex functions on your computer.

The most fundamental part of all firmware is found in the BIOS, as it allows the PC to function properly and efficiently. And in the same way it allows you to configure some features of the operating system.

Types of computer systems

Currently you will find that there are many types of computer systems, as each allows the computer to develop a specific function. It should be noted that without them it is almost impossible to carry out any activity. Some of the most relevant types of computer systems are as follows.

1. System for business collaboration

These systems are well known around the world, as they are widely used by large or multinational organizations. Likewise, these enable the timely management of all information in companies. That is, facilitates the communication process by avoiding delays in each department a due to information errors.

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2. Support in decision making

Decision making is the fundamental part of any organization, as it allows you to guide companies in achieving their goals. Likewise, this system is developed to develop decision making efficiently, i.e. with it all necessary processes will be carried out which will lead to more accurate decision making. That is why it is important to tell and know everything about strategic planning.

3. Information and management system

In general, this system allows you to collect and enclose all information of the organization , in order to manage them in a timely manner. It will also greatly facilitate the decision-making process, since having correct and timely information allows you to guide the company's guidelines towards achieving its objectives.

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