What is a Smart Room and how to condition and configure it for your children?

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The development of technology has increased according to the needs of human beings, as in the case of the branch of electronics such as home automation which deals automation of domestic processes . In this sense, more and more people are resorting to the installation of automated systems in their homes in order to facilitate their life and create the conditions to safeguard their possessions and loved ones.

In this post we will talk about the concepts of smart rooms and how to condition and configure them for your children. And it is that you will see that this type of structures will offer you many advantages which have mainly to do with safety and time saving. Without further ado, we present the definition of a smart room.

    As we mentioned earlier, technology advances according to the needs of human beings and one of the most marked needs of recent times is the search for comfort , which is provided by obtaining controlled environments through devices or equipment that provide such comfort.

    In this sense, a smart room is nothing more than a conditioned space equipped with technological equipment capable of creating automation that replaces human intervention.

    Now that you know the term associated with a smart room, you are surely thinking: how to create one and how to configure it? Well, we will also talk about this topic and the elements that intervene to achieve this automation.

    Advantages of home automation systems, how to use them?

    It gives us more security:

    Ease of interconnection:

    What do you need to install a child-friendly smart system?

    The elements needed to configure and condition a smart room are not common equipment, that is, they are special devices equipped with technology that make it compatible with each other in so you can check the events that will occur in the room. This is the case of the SonOff Basic devices which are used to control the switching on and off of power elements such as lights, refrigerators, sirens, among others.

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    You should roughly define which elements you would like to control in your children's room, as the their needs are usually different from those of adults .

    In this case, you should get started drawing up a list and, based on it, planning the Hardware you will need to carry out the related checks, however, in this post we will recommend the most common elements that are usually configured in children's bedrooms; These include lights, electrical sockets, air conditioning and surveillance via a camera system.

    You will see that you can make a home automation with a small investment of money which is an advantage, as you will not only make a smart room for your children, but you will be able to enjoy both you and all the members of the household. performance that a system like this provides .

    What problems could these systems have?

    It requires constant maintenance

    It really depends on the speed of the network,

    What are the best programs for an efficient smart room?

    Philips hue:


    The Google Assistant option

    You will need items such as Smart TVs, smart lights, in general latest generation equipment compatible with control software such as Home or Google Assistant which are used to configure when an event should occur, i.e. when the Smart TV is on or off. , air conditioning, stereo and even energize or de-energize the sockets.

    Then a you must have these software on your smartphone to perform the control of these devices, for this you have to go to the official page of Google Assistant to download and subsequently configure your devices. Once the software has been downloaded, it is necessary to configure the equipment as follows:

    • Enter the menu of the app and look for the compass
    • Select the points located in the upper right corner and locate the settings
    • Enter the assistant option
    • Choose your routines
    • Press the "+" icon to add a new routine
    • Continue editing the voice command that will activate the routine
    • In actions, set the time (Date and time) configuration of the actions occurrence. You can add lights, air conditioning, Smart TV
    • You can add as many actions as you like according to your needs and save them for execution.
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    As you may have noticed, they are not complicated processes indeed, they will generate the comfort you are looking for and add the safety you need for your children while they are alone in their room.

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