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What is a softphone? What is the meaning of the word Softphone? What is the function of the tool or softphone program? What is the purpose of using the tool or the Softphone and what types are there?

In case you were wondering what a Softphone is, it consists of a program that aims at allow communication between people in an easier, simpler, more advanced way and with multiple opportunities and possibilities.

With a Softphone you can make international calls for free thanks to its voice system. To work with the Softphone program all you need is a good Internet connection, a mobile device or a PC computer.

If you don't know what the softphone , what is its function, what is it for and what advantages it has, today at miracomosehace we present you a complete and easy to understand guide if you are a fan of VoIP systems.

What is the Softphone tool, app or program?

In case you are wondering what Softphone is or what does it mean? Softphone is the union between the words "phone" and "software", that is the union between these two elements. Softphone is a program smart or for computer which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The first step to download the Softphone app or program on a mobile device is to download and install the Google Play Store on your mobile, like this you can download any application for free.

The Softphone program or tool is software based on sistemi Voice over IP , or the famous term "VoIP", in case you don't know what the VoIP phone system is, is to transmit the voice of any person or Internet user.

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The Softphone program can be downloaded to any mobile device, be it iPhone or Android, or to a PC computer. The software in the Softphone program allows you to make calls on any device.

What is the function and what is the application for?

Once you know what the Softphone is based on intelligent software to transmit voice over the Internet, you ask yourself, what is the Softphone for? What is the function of the Softphone? What makes it different from making a normal internet call?

The Softphone program allows you to make calls from an iPhone or Android phone or PC in a way simple, fast and free.

Softphone differs from other programs for making Internet calls as it has unique and valuable features such as inclusion or integration of G722, iSAC, GSM, SILK Codec, among hundreds of other Codecs.

Likewise, the Softphone program works in the cloud, this one it means that it does not depend on a position to make calls or video calls, so you can quickly communicate with anyone in the world if they also have the program.

Another of the most relevant features of Softphone is that it does not work like traditional calls, through this smart software you can automatically synchronize calls according to your preferences.

Why switch to the Softphone tool?

Now that you know what it is the Softphone program and what is it for, if you still have doubts and are not convinced why to switch to the Softphone tool and abandon traditional calls, we leave you a list of reasons:

  • Thanks to the Softphone program you can make calls to any device or equipment, regardless of where you are in the world.
  • Softphone is a great one working tool as it allows easy access to the company headquarters, facilitating the transfer of any call, video conference or virtual meeting.
  • Since Softphone technology is free, you won't need to invest in installing the program either make monthly payments.
  • Since the Softphone tool is free, you won't have to worry about call costs, call lengths or where the recipient is in the world.
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