What is Amazon Flex and what does it consist of? - All information about Amazon Flex

Welcome again! In case you want to earn extra money, we invite you to work with Amazon Flex in your city. Now, if you have no idea how this service works, don't worry. Later we will explain in a didactic way what it is Amazon Flex and what it consists of.

What Amazon Flex is and what it consists of - All information about Amazon Flex

Before we delve into how Amazon Flex works, keep in mind that many people sign up to get a job and generate income quickly. It is also very flexible in terms of working hours and number of orders to be delivered which is a big plus compared to other companies.

In the next sections we will show you the reality of Amazon Flex, as we have prepared a small guide so that you can understand exactly how Amazon Flex works .

      What is AmazonFlex?

      In this first section you will learn quickly cos'è Amazon Flex and in thing it consists , that's why if you're interested then don't stop reading.

      In short, Amazon has decided to create a network of independent contractors who will take care of the transport of orders placed through its famous website. Thanks to this new service, almost anyone can become an account manager deliveries without having to pass rigorous tests.

      This is what we call the Flex program of the company created by millionaire Jeff Bezos. It should be noted that the contractors will use their own means to be able to pick up and deliver orders to customers i.e. they will not have official Amazon vehicles.

      Basically, this service is very similar to Glovo or Deliveroo, as workers have to deliver orders in the shortest time possible to satisfy customers.

      This is a successful strategy with which Amazon tries to "help" transport companies, since due to the high order demand, they cannot cover all order deliveries. Indeed Amazon Flex is a great help, especially during the Black Friday week and during the Christmas period, since orders multiply on these dates.

      On the other hand, this program helps many people who want to earn extra money, as the pay is not all that bad. But you may be wondering if Amazon Flex is worth working with? It is good that before making any decision you meditate on this question. However, not everything is rosy because some users have complained about both the salary and the many hours of work they have to do.

      How does this program work?

      People who want to be part of this work team must submit all relevant documentation through the official Amazon Flex page. So they have to wait for this company check it out that all documents are in order, which takes at least a week.

      In case all goes well, applicants will receive an email informing them that have been accepted in the team. Also attached to this email is a link to download the official app for Android and iPhone. In case you don't know, this app is not available in the iOS or Android app store.

      No doubt, almost all the work depends on the functioning of this application , for which it is mandatory to download it. Through them you will be able to choose what period of the day you want to work and you will also have to select the number of hours.

      When orders are available, the delivery man should go to the fulfillment center immediately to collect the parcels and then take them to the delivery locations with your private vehicle. You should also note that you cannot deliver with a companion, as stated on the official Amazon Flex portal.

      At the end of the day, the worker must return to the logistics center to end the working day correctly. We remind you instead that you don't have to respect a minimum number of deliveries per day.

      We're done for today! If you liked the information in this post or have any advice, please do express it in the comment box. See you on the next episode!

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