What is "Bad Omen" in Minecraft and how to remove its effect?

Minecraft is a very popular game and is the best-selling game ever. And even though there are so many people playing it, most don't know all of its mechanics. Today we explain one of those mechanics: what is the "bad omen" in Minecraft and how to remove its effect?

What is the "bad omen" in Minecraft and how to remove its effect?

"Bad Omen" effect

The bad omen is an effect of Minecraft. If you're not familiar with the term, an effect is a condition that affects an entity. A very common effect is that of poison. When a cave spider bites, it grants you the "Poison" effect, which periodically takes your life until you heal, just as you can heal villagers turned into zombies, or die.

Another very common effect is hunger. When you consume rotten meat or when attacked by a Husk, it grants you the "Hunger" effect, causing the hunger bar to drain much faster.

You can see the effects you have at any time opening your inventory . Also, any entity that has an effect will be noticed by the purple particles that appear around it (unless the option is disabled).

"Bad Omen" in Minecraft is a very unique effect for several reasons. To achieve this effect, you shouldn't consume or be attacked by anyone, or be near anywhere. This effect is achieved killing the leader of the marauders , which usually happens when trying to survive an assault.

The leader of the looters is the looter who leads the looters flag . Killing him automatically gains the "Bad Omen" effect. If you already have this effect and kill another leader, the Bad Omen level up , up to a maximum of level 5.

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What does this effect do?

If you have this effect and don't know what it does, you probably feel a little uncomfortable, as if something is going to happen at any moment. But don't worry, unlike poison and hunger, this effect doesn't do you anything. But this effect is not harmless, at all. "Bad Omen" conjures up a assault on a village . If you don't know what an assault is, we'll explain it to you:

An assault begins when a player with "Bad Omen" enters a village . When the assault begins, a bar appears at the top of the screen, telling you to ring the village bell to signal the villagers to take refuge.

The bar that appears on the screen is an indicator of how much time is left to the end of the round. The assault consists of a number of marauders, avengers, witches and other monsters who will appear outside the village and enter to attack it.

The raiders won't rest until all the villagers they will not be been killed . If you are caught in an assault, you have two options. You can run as fast as possible as the raiders are concentrated in the village and they won't chase you , or you can fight them , but keep in mind that they are very powerful.

The "Bad Omen" effect was introduced for more advanced players. If you want to defeat an assault, you have to prepare very well, with Diamond Swords, healing potions, shields, bows, arrows, strong armor and other tools that help you in combat.

An attack ends only when all the raiders are dead or when all the villagers are dead. So if you manage to lure your villagers and capture them in their home blocking the entrance , the assault never ends.

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You can take advantage of that mechanic to die as many times as you want and regenerate to keep fighting until you win, without fear of losing the onslaught. Be aware that the attackers they can break doors , then use stone or solid block to block their path.


How to remove the bad omen in Minecraft?

"Bad Omen" is an unusual effect in its duration. If you leave it there, it will disappear after one week of play . Each game day lasts 20 minutes, but remember that you can always skip the night using a bed.


You can also remove any effects from the game by using the game's natural antidotes: die, go through a portal dell'End e drink milk. However, the best thing you can do is let your sense of adventure drive you to try and defeat the onslaught. Prepare well and defend a village!

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