What is Better Beat or DiDi as a driver or user and the differences, find out here

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Using applications to rent transport services is the new way of the company. It also represents a new way to earn , but there are so many options that it's hard to choose. Read on to find out which is better Beat or DiDi for users and pilots.

The first company to use Apps for the private transport service was Uber. However, in recent years new alternatives have appeared which position themselves as strong competitors, such as DiDi and Beat.

What is Better Beat or DiDi as a rider or user and the differences, find out here


      It is a private transportation platform created in 2011. Although its headquarters are in Athens, Greece, 90% of its operations are in Latin America . It currently operates in cities in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

      beat for passengers

      As a passenger you can plan your trips with various stopping points or destinations. If you wish, you can change the place of arrival in case of an error.

      Another plus point is that the rate does not change if there is traffic on the journey route. To carve out a space in the market, it has implemented a bonus and referral system that allows discounts of up to 50% on travel.

      The benefits of Beat for drivers

      The application shows the driver what will be the final destination of the trip prior to acceptance . This option is used to know if the trip is profitable or if it is a safe area.

      The driver will have the possibility to choose the trips and know all the related details. You can too choose three destinations per day close to your home , a good option to take one last run at the end of your working day.


      It is a Chinese company created in 2012. It is quite popular in several Latin American countries as well has the best commissions for both drivers and passengers.

      For DiDi, the priority is passenger safety. That's why it has the facial recognition technology , which allows you to identify drivers.

      DiDi for passengers

      DiDi users have access to travel with the lowest rates on the market . Also, with the use of coupons you can save more money on every trip.

      Offer the best personalized customer service . In case of problems with the platform, you will be immediately assisted by telephone to find the best solution to your problem.

      DiDi benefits for drivers

      There are few DiDi drivers in cities, so every day you will have more customers at your disposal. That means you have more chances to multiply your income .

      DiDi's biggest attraction is its commission rate for drivers. While the competition charges up to 25% commission, it delivers between the 10% and the 15% .

      Which is better Beat or DiDi?

      • Both apps have a panic button, but the Beat button connects directly to the emergency service in your country. Unlike DiDi, which receives a report where it evaluates the possibility of sending a support group in the place where it is indicated.
      • The cars of private transport services are generally very similar to each other, but DiDi has the Express option , which are four-door vehicles with safety features. While Beat has the Luxi category which offers SUV cars less than four years of production.
      • The business model of both platforms is private transport, but with DiDi you can earn money in other ways, how to put your car to work.
      • Beat and DiDi drivers must undergo medical and psychological tests before working on the platform, so passengers will always be safe.
      • Both platforms they reward their pilots for their performance However, Beat has innovated with the way to give gallons of petrol to its best drivers.
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