What is Bluetooth and what is it for? How does it work and its use on mobile devices?

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Basically the user has the option to establish a connection between your device and another . Getting in this way to share files such as music, pictures, videos, documents in a radius of 10 meters.

Since its inception, Bluetooth was aimed at mobile devices, although today it is possible to use the platform through different types of equipment such as smart TVs ( Smart TV ), smart wristwatches, media players and other electronic devices such as PCs or laptops that have a Bluetooth connection

What is Bluetooth and what is it for? How does it work and its use on mobile devices?

Bluetooth was born as a result of intense research by its co-creator, the Ericcson company. The same was in developing a type of platform that would allow its users to connect your devices via a wireless connection .

Thus was born, Bluetooth. Taking into account that this tool consists of intercommunications between wireless networks of various devices. It was developed by the American company Bluetooth Special Interest Group.

The main focus since its inception has been to limit the use of USB cable connections and to make the data exchange process much easier. Likewise, connect between your devices without spending a significant amount of power.

Subsequently, major technology companies such as Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nokia, Toshiba, and others joined together. Who has contributed capital and human talent to the project development. The name comes from the Danish king Harald Blatand, and although it was a code name associated with one of the early versions of the search I liked it so much that I formally adopted the Bluetooth name.

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How does bluetooth work?

The platform allows the connection between the devices through a system of geolocation not exceeding 10 meters in diameter . This means that both devices must be closed for the file exchange protocol to be effective.

How to establish connection between Bluetooth devices for information exchange?

To exchange information it is necessary to perform some previous actions:

  • Each device with Bluetooth services has an associated code or name to identify. You have to activate the service from your device and activate the option "coupling" .
  • Mating or mating is the creation of a connection between the two teams. When you activate the service, click on the option search to see the available devices.
  • Once the device is selected, click on the option "pair" to establish a connection with it.
  • The other device will receive a notification to accept the request . Being connected you can exchange information.
  • After the pairing process is complete, the user can select the file type to share , click on the option "Bluetooth" and then the information exchange process will begin.

Using Bluetooth on mobile devices

Bluetooth was born in the mid-90s and its main goal was to be implemented in mobile devices of the time; which for the time being were simple devices, with little storage space, which could only be used to send or receive messages and subsequent calls.

Currently, the service is available for high-end mobile devices, so it is important to know if your mobile is low, medium or high end and the so called Smartphone or Smartphone. So basically what changed was the equipment and not the Bluetooth platform.

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Today, this platform has achieved great success, being used approximately 7.000 times a day on mobile devices, in around the world to send an application via Bluetooth from your mobile phone and share many files. This is because it is quite simple, practical and does not require internet or other payment services.

It is important to remember that Bluetooth is currently available for devices Intelligent as a wireless connection soundbar , headphones, a Bluetooth keyboard that you can connect to tablets and countless other devices.

Although Bluetooth technology was developed more than 2 decades ago, it can be said that today it is quite useful for all users who require an exchange of information between their computers or devices and although there are no other means none It is that easy, safe and practical.

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