What is Cinépolis Klic and how does it work? Easily rent or rent movies

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If you've been looking for an online family entertainment medium that adapts to new circumstances for a long time, then you've already found it with Cinepolis Klic to buy and rent movies. You want to know what is it, how does it work and how to rent your films? Don't worry, here we explain all these details so you can start using it now.

The contents offered by Cinépolis Klic can be viewed from any device. Whether it is computer, laptop, tablet or phone . As in addition to having a great web platform, you can also download a mobile application available for both Android and iPhone.

    It is a chain of cinemas that originally started its work in Mexico. Where they started streaming, i.e. online. On this platform you will find a variety of movies through an online subscription . At the same time, it offers the alternative of monthly rental, as well as private rental services, where you can specifically see the movie you are looking for.

    Plus, it adopts its content not just for movies, but for one varied programming , which includes Series, Events that appeal to all audiences. It has a large amount of content for children, so that you can enjoy them from your Smart TV (it is important to know if your TV is a SmarTV), from your computer or even from your mobile device with Android system.

    What is the difference between Cinépolis Klic and Netflix?

    The big difference is when you pay for Netflix you can access all contents of the platform. While at Cinépolis Klic movies are bought and rented, so for each movie or series you want to see, you have to make a payment.

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    Another difference that can affect the decision between Netflix and Cinépolis Klic is the payment. The platform Cinépolis offers a slightly cheaper subscription compared to Netflix, even if it doesn't have as much content.

    In this same sense, Netflix has now become the producer of many of his films and series. While Cinépolis inserts on its platform content created by other production companies with their respective legal authorizations.

    In addition, the topic of popularity and reach of each platform can also be listed. Netflix is ​​much bigger and wider by Cinépolis Klic. Therefore Netflix has a lot more views than the Mexican platform.

    Likewise, Netflix produces content for many countries around the world . It is therefore not strange that a German series like Dark or a Mexican series like Control Z arrives on Netflix.

    In which countries is the service available?

    As we mentioned, it initially started in Mexico. However, gradually the chain of virtual streaming Cinépolis Klic has expanded, so that it is more accessible to the Latin population. From the beginning, his intentions have been to reach much of the world and compete with the best services. So initially this platform reached the following countries:

    • Chile.
    • Colombia.
    • Costa Rica.
    • Guatemala.
    • Honduras.
    • Mexico.
    • The Saviour.

    However, Cinépolis Klic for buying and renting films in recent years has expanded much more in Latin America. Since it has already reached Peru and is gradually spreading to the Chilean territory.

    How Cinépolis Klic works

    The service of this platform it is easy and practical to use. C. omo is mentioned by streaming playback and recording on the platform.

    • You need a good internet connection speed and when you create your username you get access to previews of the latest movies.
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    • You will also be able to see those films from previous years. It also contains special season tickets with channels like HBO, Fox Sports and Baby First.
    • And a great option is free programming, thanks to the account you create and a transaction that generates free income.
    • Cinépolis gives you great advice.
    • Selecting a movie will show you all the information about the movie to help you choose.
    • Ha contents of all kinds.
    • Once you have created your account, you can make changes later if needed.
    • By downloading the application you can synchronize it with other devices.
    • Get First Free Movie Benefit To be a new user, you need to be aware of your email notifications.

    Easily rent or rent movies

    Through the catalog of subscriptions you can view the prices or tariffs available and adapted to your circumstances. It's so easy to rent or rent your favorite movies, with just a few clicks, like the ones we show you below.

    What is the price of the films on the platform?

    Cinépolis Klic for the purchase and rental of films offers reasonably affordable prices for users who wish to use the platform. The price of the films is not standard. Since it can be between 20 and 45 Mexican pesos for each film as it is the company's country of origin.

    For other Latin American countries, the value is the equivalent of this amount in local currency. Cinépolis Klic therefore gives you the option to pay only for what you are interested in seeing and not for all content. That way, if you only want to see a movie or two, you pay for that content and not a full month's subscription.

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    How can I pay for my films on Klic?

    Cinépolis Klic's payment methods for purchasing and renting films are varied and accessible. You can pay with any debit or credit card by registering on the platform. Similarly, you can pay with virtual methods both with Paypal and with other cards including American Express, Mastercard and VISA.

    At Cinépolis Klic you can also cancel your rentals with the special Cinépolis Klic card. That comes with Cinépolis coupon to make discounts and payments.

    How long do I have to watch a movie before it runs out?

    The time that Cinépolis allows to see a film is not that long. After making the payment for the film, you only have two days or 48 hours.

    However, you can view the content you paid for as many times as you like within that time limit. Likewise, you can enter the account or movie you will be watching from 5 different devices . So you can watch the same movie with friends, but each on their own phone or computer.

      Tip for registering at Cinépolis Klic

      Each service has its own terms of use and security notices, so be sure to read and accept them when signing up. Many times doubts arise, many of them are answered in that section, it even guides us on how to use this platform.

      Enjoy with friends and family the good entertainment offered by Cinépolis Klic, they will no longer have boring days or miss the latest releases.

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