What is Dolby Surround, what is it for and how does it work?

Today we will talk a little about what is the Dolby Surround system, what it is used for and how it works . A guide to understanding the benefits this sound system offers us to enjoy our favorite series and movies.

What we will talk about below is not to be confused with enabling spatial audio or Dolby Atmos in Windows 10. In any case, it is something that we also recommend if you want to improve the audio reproduction of your device.

surround sound

As the name suggests, surround sound, known also as surround sound , is a sound reproduction mode that tries to to surround the user. The goal of this type of sound, in fact, is to surround people with a 360 ° sound field.

In other words, unlike classic stereo which recreates the feeling of left, right and center, the surround sound is also focused on the back and sides, with the purpose of envelop the person with sound .

This type of sound is used very frequently in cinemas, in fact theaters are acoustically prepared to offer a surround sound experience. However, over time the technology has spread to other markets as well today you can buy variations of surround sound for the home .

A clear example of this is the so-called 5.1 or 7.1 sound which aims to generate this feeling for use in our homes. These systems are also designed for watching series or movies, as well as video games and various content. Similarly, we have variants and proposals made by the Dolby company, that is, when you activate or deactivate Dolby Atmos on any Samsung mobile.

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Dolby Stereo is an audio system born in 1976, it is a format specially designed for audio in the world of cinema. All of this was produced by the company Dolby Laboratories and Dolby SVA was the technology in charge of bring this experience to the world of cinema .

In fact, Dolby has standardized the way audio is recorded and played back in the room, bringing surround sound back to the fore. The most interesting point that the company has provided to the world of cinema is that you get it a registration of high quality in stereo format , when everything was first recorded in mono, which, combined with quadraphonic and surround sound, was a revolution in the way audio is recorded and reproduced.

Today, Dolby sound is present even for the average user. In other words, you don't have to go to the movies for enjoy a surround experience . This is where Dolby Surround was born.

What is Dolby Surround?

The Dolby Surround format is a format designed for the world of cinematography, which aims to create more realistic and profound experiences . This technology makes use of the so-called 7.1 sound, but also includes variations up to 9.1 in terms of audio channels. To enjoy this technology, it is often necessary to switch the audio between headphones and speakers.

The Dolby Surround system is standardized in the world of cinema, just look at the DVD / Blu-Ray cover and find the Dolby logo. Even so, to play this audio format, you will need to have an audio system capable of reproducing it .

In other words, it will be necessary use 7.1 or 9.1 speakers to take advantage of surround sound audio, as well as you need to configure audio in your PC speakers in case you want to use it on your computer. The truth is that understanding that this system is already very standardized, finding cheap options today is not very complicated.

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