What is Fortnite and how to play it? What is the purpose of the game? - Complete guide

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The latest trend in video games is the Battle Royale (Battle Royale) style, of which undoubtedly the most prominent is Fortnite. But what exactly is Fortnite and how to play it? what is the point of the game? We are pleased to show you a complete guide to this outstanding game.

In the beginning, the game consisted of online players working as a team to survive a zombie menace that wanted to take over the planet. However, when it was launched the Battle Royale version of the game , that's when it really reached its popularity, becoming the benchmark for this modality.

What is Fortnite and how to play it? What is the purpose of the game? - Complete guide

      What is Fortnite and how to play it?

      Fortnite is a online multiplayer video game , belonging to the Battle Royale mode, in which up to 100 players can participate simultaneously. The game takes place on an island surrounded by a storm that gradually approaches, restricting the player's movement range.

      It's worth noting that you'll be able to play with your friends online or organize your own games, no matter what game console they have. There they will have to face countless challenges and even fight each other for be the only survivor of the game.

      It is a combination of several classical genres such as the building, the hordes and the action , masterfully blended into a multiplayer survival game. Participants arrive on the island in a flying bus and upon arrival can choose to participate in one of several game modes.

      So downloading or installing Fortnite on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, PC or Mac devices will allow you to interact in this free game.

      How to play?

      When you access Fortnite on PC, PlayStation or Xbox you can decide where to start the game, selecting the place to start from a flying bus, with only a glider and a pickaxe.

      You'll need weapons if you're to make it to the end, and it's in the areas of the house that you'll have the best chance of finding them. In these areas there are weapons scattered around, although the best ones will be in hidden chests or will eventually fall from the sky.

      Chests contain loot with special weapons or other components, such as armor, health, weapons, ammo, materials and other special items. Additionally, you'll find loot in piñatas found throughout the island as well as loot that other players drop when eliminated.

      Being a newbie to the game, it is recommended that you locate the farthest areas of the island when jumping off the bus. This is because most of them jump into populated areas to find loot faster, and that's where the greatest danger will be.

      By positioning ourselves in isolated regions we will have a greater opportunity to obtain weapons and resources to build our fortresses without having to resort to many clashes.

      This way we will gain experience and avoid facing the more experienced players usually found in big cities.

      what is the purpose of the game?

      This game is all about launching yourself from a flying bus with just a glider and a pickaxe, gaining weapons and resources. These will allow you to build fortresses that will allow you to be the only survivor and achieve the desired "Master Victory", an award given to the last man standing.

      Fortnite supports three game modes , as you can do it alone, fight in pairs with a partner or form a team of four participants.

      Playing alone is riskier as it makes you more vulnerable, especially to ambushes and attacks from behind. When you play in squads, both in duos and in squads, you benefit from the loot acquired from them and if you die, they can resurrect you.

      Experienced players say that the key lies in the building their fortresses with different floors that allow them to gain height to easily spot enemies.

      The materials for its construction are taken from any surface that can be minced, and, well, basically anything can be shredded to extract the necessary resources.

      We hope this article has answered the question of what is Fortnite and how to play it, and you can clear up your doubts about the game. Then find your friends and add them to Fortnite and start an action adventure.

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