What is Instagram Reels and how does it work? The alternative to TikTok that Instagram offers you

There is no doubt that TikTok has been one of the most influential social networks in the last year, especially among the young audience. But given the rumors of its rapid exit from the market, there are several similar companies that are starting to launch replacements or alternatives to the famous social network, with functions very similar to those of the same. That's why in this article we show you what is Instagram Reels and how it works .

This new entertainment platform, as expected, is an alternative to TikTok scope from Instagram . If you want to take advantage of it and discover all it has to offer, we invite you to read on and see how you can easily get it.

What is Instagram Reels?

In recent years, Instagram has become one of the most popular and used social networks by the public. Both for its great ability to share content, the stories wonderful and funny that we can create and publish or even for its modern filters, we can understand the reason for its great popularity.

In fact, many of us can agree that the Instagram camera is one of the most used by everyone, as it allows us to take quality photos very easily. And, as always, the company of this excellent social network continues to grow more and more.

Just as TikTok was able to earn a great place in everyone's life, we can assure you that Instagram Reels will too. These TikTok-style formats are a new Instagram project that promises us excellent quality tools for publishing videos.

Basically, with it we can create 15-second videos with fun effects and music , as well as discover the creations of other users. Lately it is known that Tik Tok videos are hanging by a thread due to requests from various governments. That's why Instagram, in these moments of crisis, has decided to launch this new high-quality alternative.

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How does Instagram Reels work?

Just like famous and widely used stories or Instagram stories, we can ensure that the Reels are very easy to register and edit. Obviously, unlike these, the Reels will not be removed within 24 hours. If we want to create one, we can have a large number of tools that allow us to add music, change the duration of the video, include the filters we want, as well as add fun and interesting effects to our liking.

The videos are recorded in the Instagram camera with a series of clips, which you can put one by one, play or by adding videos that you have previously in the gallery. At the top of the screen you will see a bar showing the progress of the video, so you know how much you have recorded and how long you can continue recording.

We can start by adding the music, then defining the duration of the music, and then you can add other important details like the effects that bring the Reel to life. Eg, you can choose the "Align" option , which allows all clips to play seamlessly.

Once created, it will be published on the main screen or Feed of our Instagram account so that all our followers can see it. Now if we have a public account like so many others. The reels we create will be published in such a way that anyone who browses them can see them without any problem.

Furthermore, we can discover the creations of all those who make them public. We just have to go to the "Explore" section and wait to find a Reel. This new tool has been launched in several countries, where it has been successful, especially among young people.

You too can enjoy the new Instagram Reels, you just need a lot of creativity and the desire to have fun making them like never before. We encourage you to continue learning about the subject and hope that all the information we provide here will be of great use. Don't let anything stop you from enjoying all the advances that technology offers us.

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