What is it and what can we do with the Lego Wedo program?

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There is no doubt that today there is more than one way to receive a quality education . This happens not only in one field, but we can get information and education on practically the subject we want. And that's no surprise, as great advances in technology make it much easier for us to learn than it was a few years ago.

And one of the great learning tools that technology offers us is Lego WeDo. While building with Lego might not seem very educational right now, you won't regret learning more about Lego WeDo. Indeed, right here we show you about what it is and what we can do with the Lego WeDo program so easy and fast.

      What is Lego WeDo?

      Lego is an extremely well known company all over the world and now it is joining the field of education with its new educational tool called Lego WeDo. This is a tool for the education of elementary school children and has become an excellent option for thousands of teachers around the world.

      This tool teaches basics of robotics in a simple way, so that children who use it can easily understand this topic. This tool helps children develop their creativity constructively through different robot models that they can easily build.

      With this, children gain learning similar to what they get when building difficult things in Minecraft or other similar games. This happens because they stimulate their creativity and their ability to solve problems.

      Through Lego WeDo stories and tales, it is possible for children to learn other subjects besides robotics, such as history, language and others. Furthermore, encourage the work of team , since it allows you to work in pairs or in groups to carry out the activities it offers.

      What can we do with Lego WeDo?

      There is no doubt that there are many options offered by this effective tool. And is that the Lego company not only offers us games but also allows us to learn in a way fun and effective . Something like learning to assemble a Rubik's cube in just a few moves - it's fun and educational at the same time.

      Among the things we can achieve with Lego WeDo is one variety of 12 robotic models to build with the instructions included in this tool. Additionally, teachers can help children program these robots with basic behaviors through the motor that connects them to the monitor they are using with Lego WeDo.

      We can achieve all of this and, of course, make children learn much more about the vocabulary used in robotics.

      It also gives young people interested in robotics easy access to the information they need to develop their skills. And all this without having to pay large sums of money or go to schools far from home.

      Something that we can also do in Lego WeDo is create 2D and 3D models of the robots we want to build, as well as develop programs that bring the robots to life. Lego WeDo can be the first step for your child to learn how to assemble a good computer from parts and set it up from scratch.

      Start using this tool

      Seeing the wonderful options that this modern learning tool offers us, surely you are wondering how to acquire Lego WeDo on your computer and all the packs it offers.

      Well, no doubt you will be happy to know that you can get Lego WeDo learning packs from Robotix and Lego Education official website. Once there, you can choose from the different ones robotics packages available and buy the one that suits you best and that you like.

      On this page you can also easily download Lego WeDo software , available for various operating systems. Also, if you have lost or broken any part of the pack you purchased, you can purchase it individually from the above page.

      We hope that all this information will be useful to you and that you will get the most out of all the tools offered by Lego WeDo . Consider other options, like designing your own interactive puzzle to stimulate the little ones at home. Don't let anything stop you and your loved ones from continuing to learn and develop your limitless creativity.

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