What is it, how does it work and which catalog does StarzPlay offer?

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StarzPlay has become an interesting content platform since it began its expansion in various areas of the world. For this reason it suits you know what it is, how it works and which catalog does StarzPlay offer?

What is it, how does it work and which catalog does StarzPlay offer?

The StarzPlay platform

While not the most popular of its kind, StarzPlay can be a great alternative for those looking to access a broad content catalog which includes films, series, programs and documentaries.

The StarzPlay service is offered only through a paid monthly subscription and requires an optimal internet connection. The operation of this platform is similar to that of HBO and Netflix with the particularity that the exclusive content is provided by Starz Entertainment.

What is StarzPlay used for?

StarzPlay is used to obtain an entertainment service by playing high quality streaming content over the Internet.

This platform offers original content , a simple interface and the availability of connection of various devices. Also, the subscription price is affordable, so it has grown in popularity over time.

What is it, how does it work and which catalog does StarzPlay offer?

Il streaming service StarzPlay extends to the international market and thus has increased the number of users in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. StarzPlay allows offline downloads just like you can download Netflix movies for PC. For this reason, we recommend that you learn more about StarzPlay, how it works and the catalog it offers to its subscribers.

What is StarzPlay?

StarzPlay is a video streaming platform created by the company Starz Entertainment in 2018. It initially provided services in Europe but over time has expanded to other areas of the world. Currently, StarzPlay has more than five million users and contains films, documentaries, series and other productions from companies other than Starz.

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How does StarzPlay work?

StarzPlay works through the subscription mode of monthly payment. The user wishing to purchase the service must log into the StarzPlay website and register for access the content catalog .

A similar process occurs when downloading Netflix but in the case of StarzPlay it is accessed independently or by an operator. StarzPlay has a 15 day trial period. During this period, you can cancel your subscription or pay the monthly fee.

Which catalog does StarzPlay offer?

StarzPlay offers a catalog with varied content especially for an adult audience. The platform includes the "The Act" series which presents itself as a psychological plot that tells stories of real crimes that took place in the United States. They also offer series The Royals, Mary and Mike, Power, The Tudors, The Great, High Town among others.

Likewise, StarzPlay includes an extensive list of films in its catalog such as Patriot, Iron Man, Twilight, The Sign, Hunger Games, Charlie's Angels, King's Speech among others.

Can I watch previews with StarzPlay?

It's possible see previews with StarzPlay almost simultaneously with its launch in the United States. Content is added every month so it is constantly expanding. Furthermore, users can take advantage of this platform which remains available even if users have Vodafone TV, Apple TV and Orange TV operators.

What are the benefits of StarzPlay membership?

Without a doubt, the main advantage offered by StarzPlay is that it allows you to connect up to 4 devices , a process similar to streaming Netflix to a Blu-Ray player.

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Likewise, it should be remembered that for only 4,99 EUR, users can access a diverse catalog of high-quality content and feature original titles, although it is also possible watch programs, movies and series only available in the United States.

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