What is it, what is it for and how many types of Internet domain are there?

The internet revolutionizes our world, it is a versatile and innovative tool that has been responsible for connecting us as a society. Doing so is very important know how it works to take advantage of it in our favor.

Thanks to the access we have to the Internet today, it has become possible to acquire knowledge in a more fluid way. This makes it possible for new ideas to emerge and consequently for the development and innovation of our world.

The flow of data traversing the network today is astounding. Now anyone with a computer or mobile device can access the web and find any type of information because it's within everyone's reach.

For people who want to stand out today, it is essential to use the internet, because today everything revolves around it. Because of the importance that this represents, this article will show clearly and simply, what they are, what they are for and which ones types of Internet domains exist.

      What is it, what is it for and how many types of Internet domain are there?

      If you have a company and you want to promote it much more, making it reach as many people as possible, using the web is essential. On the other hand, if you just want to get your ideas out there and promote yourself as a visionary, you should also use this tool.

      In both cases it is very important to know how to take advantage of the tools that the Internet offers us . No doubt

      Through web pages we can place all of our company information on the web where people can access and review everything we offer. It is important that these have a good presentation and important information of high value for visitors.

      These pages work via domains , which we can buy and from there start building our website interface. So the question arises, what are domains and what are they for?

      What are domain names on the Internet and how do they work?

      If we want to know what an Internet domain actually is, it is essential to first know what an IP address is. In short , an IP is a set of numbers that identify a web interface , in this case a web page.

      But since there are currently many web pages on the Internet, it is often difficult to manage these numbers. In this way, what you do is transform these numbers and give them a name, which will name a domain .

      In other words, a domain is the name given to a web page, which makes it different from other pages. In addition to the address by which I know I could find the web page from internet search engines.

      How many types of Internet domains are there?

      As we already know, there are many web pages currently flowing on the web, so the traffic is very large. For this reason there are several types of domains or rather different types of domain extensions.

      These extensions allow a domain to stand out in a specific area or for a specific group of people. The page will rank better for that specific area. Extensions are placed at the end of the domain name.

      Among the types of existing domain extensions we can find: .COM, .ES, .MX, .ORG, .EDU among many others. These domain extensions help pages focus on a specific area, it can vary depending on which country you want to target your website to.

      For example, the extension .IS makes the page stand out for people who log in from Spain . The domain .MX focuses its attention on the people of the Mexico and therefore for all countries of the world.

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      On the other hand, there is the .ORG extension for organizations and also .EDU for education or .COM which is placed worldwide.

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