What is Life360 and how does it work? Does it work without the Internet and with the mobile phone turned off?

Nowadays it is very common for most of the members of a family to have an Android electronic device and keep constant communication . The continuous exposure of the data causes anxiety in parents and the need to monitor family mobility and close friends.

What is Life360 and how does it work? Does it work without the Internet and with the mobile phone turned off?

What is Life360?

When they are separated from each other, they do what is necessary to take care of privacy and family integrity and with the Life360 application you can get it. On the plus side you will be able to make the location of your loved ones effective, this application is aimed at Android and IOS smartphones, using GPS geolocation.

Next, we explain the detailed information of what this application from the Android family consists of, it is characterized by accuracy when making the location predetermined or final . Obviously, to create a location you will have to include an invitation to other users, thus creating a space for family and friends.

How does it work?

It is understandable that people want to be very careful about their privacy and with this application there is no need to keep the device off. In this section we indicate the Life360 application functionality , that is, we explain in more detail how they must be performed.

Since each application has specifications that allow you to distinguish them from the others and see what benefits it offers us, below we inform you about what you can expect from Life360.

  • Startup : After installation you can join a group or create one using an invitation code, adding the desired devices.
  • Location : With this option you can share the location with the members of the circle and see the location of those who have active tracking.
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  • Notifications : select if you want to receive notifications or other, you will be informed in a concrete way when one of the members arrives in a place and vice versa. Likewise, you can track a device that has been stolen or lost, as long as it's turned on.
  • Panic button : activate the alert option, it will allow you to be available to offer or request emergency assistance to the group or to report an emergency service.
  • Where you'll be : Through this option, you will be able to greatly share your location and the location of that of other group members.
  • Chat : you can talk to the members of the Club and also converse privately.
  • Automatic stop in case of an accident : through advanced sensors an accident at more than 40 km / h is detected and contact is attempted. If a response is received from the driver and an ambulance is authorized, the notification is sent and contact will be established with the other group members.
  • Battery level : the level of the will be displayed battery of members, then action is taken that does not cause any problems.

Does it work without internet and with the mobile phone turned off?

  1. If your device is on flight mode , it will disable internet access and GPS.
  2. If there is no stable connection, the location reading will be inaccurate.
  3. When you don't have internet or your phone is turned off, it won't automatically have one updated location , however it will show what was the last available position. This allows you to have a number of ideas of where the person you are trying to locate is approximately.
  4. Now, thanks to data storage, you can get this important information, which can last two days if you use it for free . However, if you own the Premium App, you can enjoy the exclusive benefit for up to thirty days, your selection is up to you.
  5. It is important to remember that when the device is turned off, the GPS will automatically turn off, you need to take measures so that it is turned on.
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Requirements for using Life360

When you download the app which is free, you will have some limited options, but if you get a Premium account you will have more opportunities.

  • The requirements for Android require a 6.0 operating system or later and has the required storage space of 30MB.
  • For iOS devices, the operating system must be 11.0 and the internal memory space must be 150mb.

It is an excellent way for families and friends to protect each other, to always stay connected and in communication and be prepared for any situation.

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