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In recent times the e-commerce has grown exponentially , so much so that it has spread and globalized in almost all countries of the world, because it offers the end customer the possibility of purchasing transactions without the need to leave home; where you save time and money.

Therefore, the number of companies that have adapted this modality has been numerous and greater in the current conditions in which we find ourselves. That is why when we search the Internet for goods or services that we want to acquire, endless offers appear in based on what we are looking for right now.

It is also reflected in the reality that there are more and more companies that they have a substantial presence on the internet and on social networks compared to those that exist in a real way or that we can physically visualize, a clear example is Mercado libre and other similar enterprises.

In this sense we can see how the trend in the digital world has evolved and has undergone such drastic changes due to the potential it contains. Beyond to the offer of goods and services , the form of payment has also moved from the traditional use of cash to the use of debit or credit cards and bank current accounts or other virtual means of payment.

    When you want to shop comfortably from home for supermarket items in Spain or Europe, that's where we find Lola Market, a digital platform which allows you to make the purchase of various items from some chains recognized in the national territory.

    It is a company that is born in 2015 in Madrid , in Spain, and has gradually expanded through the main capitals of the Spanish provinces and subsequently through several European countries, including Romania and Hungary. It has an online shopping system on its website and also has its own application available in the Play Store and App Store.

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    In addition to this, the service is offered in collaboration with a number of supermarket chains close to the region such as Carrefour, Lidl, Mercadona, Makro, day, tiendanimal, usmarket, torrijos market, sirena, al campo, etc .. All these affiliated with the delivery system with which the organization is composed.

    What advantages and disadvantages do you have when shopping at Lola Market?

    Lola market gives satisfaction and comfort to its customers ordering the products registered with it and delivering them to your home. However, according to the criticisms and experience with the service, users manage to condense their ideas and here we bring you a list of advantages and disadvantages that you can encounter when using this platform.

    Main advantages

      How this e-commerce works

      To use this new platform just log into its official website or download the app on a compatible mobile device. Being there you can see the countries it serves, the affiliated supermarket chains, the payment method, etc ...

      This startup has had a very large exponential growth and more in times of pandemic; as it has made it easier for many families to shop without leaving their homes. The company makes it easy for you to choose from a variety of products you find in chain stores, add them to your purchases and the delivery will give you everything as indicated on the invoice.

      Now, when you enter the web or install the app you have to register your details and you can easily start selecting the supermarket you need to buy from, add items to your cart and finally decide when and where the delivery should be. such products.

      Where do you currently have a Lola Market application?

      Lola's market was initially only available in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while the brand was recognized, it gradually spread through the main Spanish cities and finally outside its borders.

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      Among covering city in Spain there they are: Seville, A Coruña, Bilbao, Valencia, Zaragoza, Pamplona, ​​Malaga, Murcia and Alicante; in Europe it managed to consolidate only in Romania (first incorporated country) and then in Hungary.

      Download Lola Market on your mobile quickly and easily

      Lola Market allows you to install it using the Android and iOS operating systems, in a safe, convenient and simple way. It can be downloaded on different mobile devices that have such systems, of course; otherwise it will not be possible. Next we will give you some instructions to follow so that you can download it to your phone.

      On your Android from the Play Store

      If you have an Android phone, the first thing to do is go to the Google Play Store and with the help of the search engine write the name 'Lola Market'; You will have several options, you should look for the green logo with an empty hummingbird and says "Lola Market - Buy in online supermarkets" , click download and that's it, it's so easy to get started, as long as you register first.

      On your iPhone from the App Store

      But if you are an Apple user, then open the App Store app store on your iPhone or iPad, on the courses put the company name and they will load the options, you have to choose 'Lola Maket - Super online' which can also be differentiated with the white hummingbird logo on a green background.

      After that, log into the app and click download, wait for the process to complete. Then you open it, you register with your personal data and that's it; you can use it at any time.

      Is the service this company offers to its buyers recommended?

      At the moment, it is of great help to the population that there are these types of companies where they offer a potential and unique service, as well as making it easier to do shopping for food and supermarket items without leaving home.

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      For this reason, we recommend that you make purchases through this useful and easy digital tool due to the potential it has, in addition to comfort, satisfaction it gives to its customers and to the fidelity it generates.

      Also because if you live in Spain, Hungary or Romania, it will be much more feasible for you to order the your purchases from several supermarkets via the internet instead of spending time wandering from place to place looking for the shopping list you have for your reunion or family market.

      And as an added point, we tell you that this platform has had a great impact on its customers thanks to the logistics management they develop and the wonderful service they offer you; We don't say it, the Lola Market users say it.

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