What is Messenger Rooms and how to use it to create Facebook chat rooms?

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As if that were not enough with the differences of Facebook and Facebook Lite, Messenger and Messenger Lite, the developers have launched a new application called Messenger Rooms , a convenient and simple alternative to use when meeting our needs, we can use it well OR having an account on Facebook, or otherwise it is also possible, it is an end-to-end encrypted tool for greater security.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best options when interacting more closely with our family and friends, in order to make our moments more creative and fun in these times of social quarantine due to the global pandemic. But by itself, what is this innovative application of which everyone is talking about? Here we will know!

    What is the Messenger Rooms platform?

    It works as a video conferencing platform, allowing you to add up to 50 people to the moment of their realization and we can use it in unlimited times, which facilitates the level of interaction, since its launch was one of the best for the user innovations that Facebook has had, being part of very positive reviews regarding its operation .

    Provide a free communication service it was one of his greatest hits, since everyone has access to it, via mobile phones or computers, its use is very effective and immediate, which makes users take it as a favorite in all ways.

    How to create rooms on Facebook with Messenger Rooms?

    This amazing tool is powering the network, because creating rooms is very simple and there are two ways, from the Facebook web page or from the Messenger mobile application.

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    To create with Facebook, we must enter its main page, we are in the '' chat '' section where will the option `` create a room of rooms '' , this option is present with an icon of a '' camera '', we press there, once this is done the room will be created. To access it, click on the `` Join as '' option found at the bottom of our profile photo.

    After that, an independent pop-up window will automatically open, presenting us with the '' link '' or '' URL '' that we can share with other people who want to enter the room and make it easier by sending the link to us also offers the ability to delete participants or block it so that no other person can access it at any time.

    To do the process via the Messenger app for both Android and iOS operating system and its versions, first of all we open the Facebook application, where a visible button will appear indicating `` create a room of rooms '', which is located in the "people" section at the top screen.

    And voila, we'll be in, for be able to enjoy its functions and to control the entrances to that room there is a "who can join" option, we can use it to control the members in some way.

    How many people can there be simultaneous in the Messenger rooms?

    What is the maximum duration of a call in Messenger Rooms?

    Where can I access Messenger Rooms from?

    Messaging app

    From the PC

    What alternatives are there to Messenger Rooms?


    Microsoft Teams

    Some features of Messenger Rooms

    It is characterized by being a multipurpose platform, since we can access it from our mobile or from our computer, it also offers us the possibility to create group video call rooms with WhatsApp and Instagram, making it even better.

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    It allows us to use the `` filters '' just like the filters of Instagram or Facebook, in this case it is at the time of the conferences that we can use to hide or simply not show the site as we are making that call.

    We don't need to do as much work as, for example, download some additional applications, as we can use Messenger Rooms in a simple way through the social networks that we have already downloaded, such as Facebook managed by PC or mobile phone.

    It is no secret that there is a lot of competition in the market for platforms of this type, but the public has choice as a favorite , becoming a powerhouse in every sense.

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