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Mainly we connect our mobile cable to the electric current for charging with fast or regular charger, now with the passage of time it has innovated with the mobile phone and can be charged wirelessly you may be wondering how you can do it?

Previously, they led to mobile markets with a large tonnage of batteries that allowed for act like power banks that charge in a certain time and charge other mobile phones via cable.

The accessories were quickly put on sale in order to be able to transfer energy between battery from cell phone to cell phone and we currently have cell phones on the market that allow us to do this process without cables.

For this reason Samsung Galaxy S10 has Powershare in one of its applications, in addition to the option to record the screen, of course we will ask ourselves what it is and what is it for? We invite you to stay until the end of the article to find out what the S10 reverse charge consists of.

Previously we should know what PowerShare means. This word comes from a word formed from English, for one site there would be "Power" which means "Energy" and for another "Share" which means "Share", so PowerShare means "Share Energy" .

Motivated by the courtesies of the prestigious PowerShare also as reverse charge we will be able to recharge devices such as, for example: mobile phones, simultaneous headphones with this technique of our Samsung Galaxy S10 of a wireless nature.

    The PowerShare method of current Samsung mobile phone models is based on wireless charging processes , for this reason the charging process is consumed by persuasion and certainly no cables are needed, exclusively bundling the back of a simultaneous device with the functions of the Samsung Galaxy, since the back of the mobile is where the platform of the energy transmitter is located. .

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    It should be noted that when handling the above option, the steps to follow are easy. That is why you will need to make sure your cell phone has a sufficient battery to be able to share energy , in accordance with the above, we must carefully read the following steps:

      The next time you make this choice, the window with the command to mobilize PowerShare may not appear. For this reason, when the section with the loading animation appears, the energy expression course e will be activated you will be able to load the rest of the selection.

      Simultaneous cell phones performing wireless charging are as follows models Samsung Galaxy S10E, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus , as PowerShare is currently usable in such devices.

      It is important to note that the Galaxy S10 must have a charge of 30% or more for Mobile PowerShare to work. The process turns off automatically if the battery is below the indicated percentage.

      What is the loading speed of this feature?

      PowerShare si charge the whole period of 4,5W . Yes, it is very pleasant. We must remember that Samsung must work with the vapor formed by wireless charging and that the battery is exactly under the charging transformer.

      We must bear in mind that this feature requires both devices to be connected, so the use of covers or any other additions could affect the functionality of the wireless process.

      Does my phone wear out from using this option?

      Most frequent problems during charging and their solutions

      Metal objects


      Tips for avoiding problems with fast charging

      Wireless charging has many improvements and a very convenient option, we must keep in mind and we must be methodical with everything we leave next to the cell phone, such as, for example, we must not leave coins, metal objects, magnets or magnetic stripe cards near the charger or We may cause the charger to overheat and have difficulty coming more slowly into our cellphone.

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      Please check that the back of the device is not dirty, free from dirt or moisture before using Wireless PowerShare.

      Do not use the wet charger or in humid areas which must be limited otherwise we could find ourselves with charging problems and this ends with unpleasant consequences on our mobile.

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